Fun Lunch

Started by bigrichard, April 04, 2011, 04:55:56 PM

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My friend Suzy and I both live in the Atlanta Area, north towards Sandy Springs.  We had a great lunch the other day, she was feeling a bit naughty. 

Suzy told me she had been in a wild mood since getting up that morning.   On the way home, she mentioned that she had to pick up a few things at Target, so we headed that way.  Little did I know what she had in mind.   After picking up a few things that she needed I followed her over to the fresh produce area and she began looking around for something in particular... half way up the aisle she stopped and chose a bunch of bananas..."these look nice " she said...I just smiled and raised an eyebrow...  We started for the checkout area and I said to her, "Are you  having dirty thoughts"..... "Oh yes" she said.  "And what may those be, need I ask".....I just smiled again and headed off with her to the checkout.

When we got back to the car I opened the back and she proceeded to put her stuff in... When she came to the bag with the bananas in I stopped her and said to "Suzy, take these in the car with you"... "Why?" she asked and smiled naughtily...  "So we can see how brave you are", I replied...  She took the bananas from the bag and sat in the car. When I got in she asked what was on my mind and I told her that I would like her to take her panties off and to fuck herself with a banana all the way home...  She was shocked at first but when I said "I dare you" that was it...  She immediately took her panties off, while we were still in the Target parking lot, she began to work the banana into her juicy pussy....  I told her that once she started, she was not to stop until we got to her house...she agreed and that's exactly what she did...

She fucked that banana for about 20 minutes until we got to her home -- I took the long way back.   After we parked in the garage, she continued until she had an amazing orgasm.   I couldn't believe it, I was amazed, I've seen her using her toys hundreds of times, but WOW!   We did not even bother, with the stuff she bought, she got out, I followed, we never made it to the bedroom, I could wait to fuck her.  She was telling me how turned on, sloppy wet she was knowing that there were people right next to us on the road who never knew what she was up to.

I hope she'll be up for more playtime the next time we go to lunch................