At the Casino

Started by bigrichard, November 11, 2010, 09:40:11 AM

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We would talk about a strange man fucking her sometime while were in bed, this would always make her very wet and excited. She would always cum and fuck me like a true slut. Afterwards she would just blow it off as a fantasy. She would always say it just fun talking and thinking about that, but that she would never really do anything like that.

We headed to Cherokee for a three day weekend at the casinos. We checked into casino hotel about 5:00 pm. When we got to our room and waited for our luggage to arrive. Around 7:30, she said she wanted to take shower and dress for dinner. I was tired of driving and wanted to walk around awhile and play a little blackjack .I told her I would meet her at the bar and to call my cell when she was ready.

It seemed like an hour and a half before she called and said she was calling me from the ladies room down the hallway from the bar,and asked if I wanted to play a little game? I must say I was a little supprised and ask what she had in mind. She said we had talked about having her be with an other man , and she said lets just play a little and see what happens. She told me she had forgotten to call my cell thinking I would already be at the bar. When she got there and found I wasn't there she sat at the bar and ordered a drink to wait for me. She said she was there for about 30 min and was about to have a 2nd drink when this very pleasent nice looking gentleman told the bartender to send her the next drink. She She didn't want to be rude so she thanked him for the drink. As she soon as she took the first sip she said he moved to the stool next to her. she said what the hell it just a frendly drink and started the chat with him. He was ask her if she was alone and would she mind having a few drinks with him. He told her he was was from Ohio and had never been to Biloxi before and was there on business and didn't know anyone. She ask me to just come to the bar and sit at the bar a few stools away.She wanted to flirt a little and then go back and have sex with me. When I got to the bar and seen my sexy wife setting there with a strange man I have to say the thought was I want to see how far she will go with this. As soon as I seen the way she was dressed I could understand why he was hitting on her. As always she would want to please me by waering very sexy outfits when we would go away like this. She had on a very low cut black top that showed alot of her 40d clevage,and a very short white skirt that when she would cross her legs it showed a hint black lace stocking tops and the hook of her garter belt heels added to her long sexy legs.As I sat and watched my goody two shoe wife who would never do anything like this.She get more flirtaish with him. after 4 drinks he made a move on her as he put his hand on her thigh just below the lace of her stocking.and begain to lightly run his hand down to her knee and back up to the lace of her stocking.She smiled and seem to look past him at me to se what my reaction to this was.I just knted my head in a way to let her know I was ok with what was happening. At that piont she toog out a cigarette and uncroossed her legs leaned and forward to let him give her a light.when she did this he was able to get a nice veiw of her great tits. when she sat back up she didn't cross her legs and left his hand resting on her thigh. At this he moved his hand tetween her legs and started playing with the hook of he garter and the lace at the top of her stocking.she just smiled and kinda patted his hand away and she your a very bad boy. He moved his hand away and said Im sorry I didn't mean to be so fresh. She leaned forward a gave him a small kiss and said don't be sorry,and to just slow donw a little. I could tell she was feeling no pain at this point and was getting a little excited with finding a man she felt comfotable with. I got up and headed for the mens room and as i was half way there she was right behind me. She looked at as if she was afraid I was going to be anger with her. I took her in my aems and said this is just a game, and told her I was really enjoying watching her tease this guy I told her to go as far with it as wanted to I was ok with anything and everything that might happen. Se kissed me and said Im so in love with you and if your really ok with all this I just might invite him back to our room for a drink or two.When I got back to the bar she was sitting on her stool with her legs spred apart and he was standing between her legs his hands where on the outside of her thighs and was rubbing them up and down pulling her towards him.She leaned toward him and said something in his ear that made him stand straight up with a look of shook on his face. He turned and looked at me with a look of now what fuck is going to happen. She said thats right he is my husband and he has been watching us for the past 45 min. She said we have talked alot about my flirting someone like this and hoped your not angery. She watched as he started to get over the shook of what he had just heard and started to become alot freindly . She said the bar was starting to get growded and maybe we should all go back up to our room and have drink there. When we got back to the room she said she had to go to the bathroom and left us alone. He said he had hread of things like this but thought it would happen to him. I told him don't get to excited she may or may not do anything but just have drink with us.When she came out of the bathroom she said she wanted to change to a dress for the evening, and went to the closet and got a very sexy short dress out and went back to the bathroom. At this piont I thought O well soo much for that.when she came out of the bathroom she looked stuning with the black dress on.She said the top and skirt where to casual for an evening with great two great looking guys. she asked me to pour her a drink and turn on somr music. She then ask her new freind to dance with her saying I would never dance.As they danced he looked at me and ask if I was really ok with all this. I said I sure am ok ,and told him to enjoy my wife. He pulled her close to him and started to run his hands up and the small of her back. then slowly puttinf both hands on her ass. he then started to pull her dress up her legs stopping just at the top of her sockings . She the unfastened the front of her dress and let it fall off her shoulders. he moved his hands off her ass and let the dress fall to the floor. There was my sexy wife dancing with this stranger with nothing on but her stockings ,garter belt,small black thong pantys, and her 4 inch heels. He danced her over to the bed and sat her down on the edge. he was standing in front of her with his crouch in front of her face. She looked at me and said are you sure about this? I* smiled and said I have been sure about this since the day I first saw you. She unhooked his belt and unzipped his pants, then she put her fingers on his shorts and pulled them down to his knees. she had a shooked look on her face his cock was about 8 inchs long just hanging there and it wasn't even hard yet.She closed her eyes and took the head of his cock in her mouth. she was able to get about half of it in her mouth before it started to get hard. I have never seen her try to deep throught my cock but she seemed want all of his cock in her mouth. She leaned back took a deep breath and went back down on his cock .She was able to get more of it in her mouth each time he pushed. She gagged a little then put her hands on his ass and pulled him deeper with each stroke.After a few min she had his all the way in her mouth and his balls where hitting her chine every time she pulled him deeped into her. I watched as her eyes rolled back and could tell she was cuming just fron sucking his cock. He took her by the bach of her head grabed her hair and shoot o load of cum in her mouth . she gagged and kept swollowing all of his cum till his balls where empty. she held his saa and kept his cock in her mouth till she was sure there was no more cum and his cock was soft. She let his cock slowly slid out of her mouth ans said I sure hope that is all you got.He smiled and said Im not done yet just give me a min it will be rock hard soon.She looked at me and said come over here and let me suck your cock while I wait for that big cock to get hard and fuck me. Like a shoot I was undressed she moved up on the bed and was lyaing on her back. I was on my knees over her face with my cock resting on her soft lips. she said do you think you want to fuck my face like my new friend just did. With that I shoved cock in her mouth and down till my balls where resting on her chine. After what I had just watched my wife sucking off the hugh cock I could not hold out any longer and shot a load of cumm in her mouth. She smiled at her new frend and said did watching me suck my husbands cock help that big cock of yours get hard again? He sure was hard again and came over to the edge of the bed and pulled her little thong pantys down and left them dangling form one anckle as he put her legs over his shoulders. He asked if she was ready for the fucking of her life. I looked at his cock and it seemed to be about 10 or 11 inches long and fat as a beer can. She smiled and looked at me and said She hopped I was enjoying this as much as she was. She closed her eyes as he slid his cock between her wet pussy lips get the head of his cock wet with the juises leaking out of her .He rubbed his up and down and over her clit. She had her first orgasum rigth then and he had not even tried to put his cock in her. I watched as my wife pushed her ass up trying get him to shove his cock into her. Slowly he moved his cock to her opening and just the head of it slid into her. She grunted a little and said go slow your to big it won't all fit into me. She I can't take any more of it your way to big. he said hold on babe here it comes and shoved anothrg 4 inches into her tight little pussy. Shw said oh no more just stay there don't put any more in me your filling me up I can't take anymore. H didn't shove anymore of his cock into her but just started to move in and out very slowly. She started to relax and move her hips up and down to meet his short strokes. I could see the cum from her orgasum running the crack of her ass and making his cock wetter with each stroke. Then with warning he shoved another 3 or 4 inchs into her and ther was still 4 or 5 inchs she did not get yet. She screamed oh fuck Im cumming don't stop fuck fuck me I want all of it fuck me dame it fuck me. With that he shoved all of his cock into her as she kept screaming fuck me fuck me. She arched her back and pushed herself up as to get every inch of that hugh cock into her . she screamed oh my god Im cumming again. Her orgasum was so stronge she seemed to faint. She let her legs fall to the bed and gasped for air. hhis cock was still rock hard and pushed deep in her pussy. He just picked her up and rolled over on his back and now you fuck me babe. She slowly raised herself up on to her knees with his cock still deep in her. She was shaking all over and was trying to catch her breath as he pulled back down on his cock. this sent her into anotyher ragging orgasum. she fell down on his chest with her eyes closed and having a hard time breathing. I could not beleave what I was seeing my sweet inosent wife was on top of this guy with a hugh cock shoved in her tight little pussy and she was ready for more.She got up and turned around so she was facing me .With her heels dug into the bed she squted down on his cock so I could see it slidding back into her. She bit her lowwer lip as she slid down and took all 11 inches in her.I could see her belly swell in and out as she rode up and down on his cock. She said I feel like such a slut whore right now come over here and shove your cock in my mouth while I fuck this big cock. I was standing on the bed in front of her as she grsbed my cock and sucked all the way into her mouth. The feeling of being fucked at both ends sent her over the edge and she had another hard orgaum. he was punping hard in to her as her yelded Im cumming and shot a hugh load of cum deep inside of my wifes pussy. As soon as he shot his load I got off again filling her mouth with my cum. With amufled grunt she swollowed my cum. As I setted back off the bed she got up and turned around and started cleaning their cum off of his cock with her mouth. Then she said she wanted to fuck me with her cum filled pussy and told me to lay back on the bad . She bent over and started sucking my cock to get it hard again, and in no time I was as hard as I had ever been in my life. She climed on top of me and slip my cock into her wet streched pussy. As she rode up and down on my cock she leaded forward and wispered in my hear that she wanted to try and take that hugh cock up her ass while I fucked her. I looked her in the eye and do you think you could handle that. She said Im soo fucking horny I would let a horse fuck me in my ass right now. He heard all of this and come over to the bed and cot behind her. Her ass was still wet for all of the cum that had ran out of her afther she had been fucked. As I slid my cock in and out of her he started to rub his cock up and down her tight little ass getting his cock wet with all the cum left on her ass. She closed her eyes as she felt the head of his cock pushing at her •••••••. he shoved hard and the head of his cock slid into her . She screamed stop stop it is to big I changed my mind I don't want to do this. He just laught out load and said to late babe here it comes.I could feel his cock though the thim membrain between her ass and her pussy as he shoved morew of that big cock deeper in my wife ass. Slowly the pain gave way to the pleasure and she bucking back on his cock as if it was the last time she would ever feel this again. Now we where both fucking as hard as we could . He orgasums never seemed to stop.I felt my self getting to unlaod in her again and shot deep inside of her, he must have felt me cumming and dumped another big load of cum deep in her ass. she fell to the side of us and said Im dome you guys had to leave now, go away now don't say a word .both of you get out now. she rolled over and buried her face in a pillow. We looked at each other and said lets go have a beer. When I got back to our room she had showered and was asleep. The next morning she never said a word about anything that happened the night before. We spent the next two days enjoying the casinos dining out. As we where putting our bags in the car to leave she looked at me and said Thanks for the great weekend, and for not asking me to have one of your wild fantisies with some stranger. HMMMMMMM ok I will never ask her again, seems to work out better that way.