Ride Home- Susan was A Bit Drunk

Started by bigrichard, October 08, 2010, 11:41:41 AM

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Susan loves going out for dinner and having some drinks.  Last weekend the band was very good and we spent most of the time in the bar!! I was driving and so could not drink much, but she over did it.

So on the way home knowing she was really drunk I hinted about having sex when we got home -- she is very horny when she is drinks, and knows i love to show her off.  She stared at me for a minute and said "How about this?" and unbuttoned her blouse.  She had on a front clip bra and unsnapped that so her tits fell out of her shirt!! she has huge large nipples! her aureoles cover most of the front of her tits like silver dollars!! anyway i digress...

Then she pulled them both off completely, she was just sitting in the car topless, than she reached down and unzipped her pants and pulled them off along with her panties, so there she was my sexy little friend riding down the road completely naked, it was dark and we had a half hour ride to get home, but there were many many street lights and stop lights, she put her finger in between her legs and rubbed her pussy lips dipped her finger inside and quickly pulled them out and stuck them in my mouth, I reached over and started to rub her clit, she laid back as i fingered her to a intense orgasm, she closed her eyes and sat there in the seat.

I pulled up to the next stop light, it would be completely light in the car and anybody could see in, we were driving a small Honda car so it sat kinda low, the first time we stopped i made sure she was next to the drivers side of the car next to me and i was in luck it was a couple of younger guys (early twenties) waiting at the light, I pulled up close to the line on their side so they could get a good look at her tits! at first he was just talking to his friend as I stared at him waiting at the light he finally looked over, did a double take at my wife i know he could see her tits as plane as day he looked up from her tits at me, i smiled and that obviously told his friend cause he was leaning over the drivers seat looking at her tits too!! I could hear him through the window saying "nice tits", i gave him thumbs up and the light turned green.

There were not too many people on the road at 1am, the next light the same two boys were there again, this time he got out of his car and walked up to her window i put my finger over my lips to motion him to be quiet she was passed out by this time, turned on the dome light, and rolled down the window he poked his head into the car so he could see all of her" nice" he whispered, I pointed at he tits, and made a squeezing motion, her got the point and reached and grabbed both her tits, this was an amazing site my naked wife sitting next to me with a stranger messaging her tits!! all of a sudden another car drove up and the light turned, so he jumped back into his car, and took off. The next couple stoplights there was nobody, I was driving slow just so I could enjoy this. than I seen a guy ahead walking getting ready to cross the street so i sped up to the cross walk,dome light wss still on so as close to the car he was, he could see everything!! and she was out hard,

Again i pointed at the passenger side and put my finger to my lips, he walk up to the window and and whispered wow she has an amazing body, he smelled like beer and was also a bit drunk. he reached in and grabbed one of her tits very firmly, i was afraid she was going to wake up, but she didn't move, he slowly slid his other hand down her stomach across her cunt and dipped his finger inside of her wet, just spent pussy. Put them up to his nose and said oh very nice, i was getting a little worried out by this guy, and wasn't sure if it should go on any longer, the light was green and he still had his one hand on her tits pinching her nipple!! as he reached down again to stick his finger into her pussy I said " um" that's all i got out when i noticed my wife one eye was slightly open and a soft moan came from her mouth, apparently the nipple rubbing was turning her on again. As i glanced back down @ his hand, he had his fingers buried as far as he could in her pussy, and she was starting to squirm, well it was to late i just sat back and enjoyed the show, he was fingering her so fast the juices were squirting and running out on to the floorboard.

I never saw her eyes open any further, but she definitely had a nice orgasm all over the strangers fingers!!  Finally, I whispered I have to go and pulled away, glancing down at my wife with a slight grin on her face....