Susan Enjoys Date Night

Started by bigrichard, August 16, 2010, 09:15:57 PM

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Last Saturday was "date night" as my wife likes to call it.  We are from an upscale suburb and like to go to new places for food and beverage. My wife is mid 40's, 5-3, 150, 44 DD with legs and ass to kill.

When we go out we set some rules for fun but can modify them if we choose.

Rule #1 I get to pick what she wears or does not wear.
Rule #2 She has at least 2 mixed drinks at each stop along the way during the evening.
Rule #3 Since I am going away on business for a bit, I get 3 wishes that can be spent at any time during the night and she has to oblige no questions asked.

Rule #1 ... Well, I like sexy but not overtly slutty, so I picked out this white dress with black trim and very revealing. I complemented the outfit with a sheer white lacy bra, see through white thongs and pair of black CFMs. The wife likes to show of her twins as she calls them and loves the attention. Rule #2 was meant to loosen her inhibitions, given the fact that she drinks so infrequently that 4 drinks total of cranberry juice and Bacardi would send her over the edge. And The 3 wishes is where it gets fun, get to those later.

So off to dinner.....Lebanese food here we come. I love these restaurants because some Arabic men have had a woman regularly and love white women with a big chest and they rarely hide their looking. Dinner goes well and I tease her about our waiter basically eyes glued to her tits every time he comes to the table. She laughs and finishes her second drink. I watch as she gets up to go to the restroom. As she goes by the waiters stand, two waiters just stare at her ass swaying and you can see her thong through the thin white fabric. I think they would have gone into the restroom and fucked her right there if they could have gotten away with it. She comes back and asks "How did I do in getting their attention". I told her and she laughed. I said "Well, I want to use wish #1". She asks "What it is so early". I told her I wanted her to take the waiter and lure him to the banquet room I spotted down the hall and give him his tip. She asked with a smile "What do you suggest is his tip". I said give him a blow job. At first she wasn't happy with that idea, but after another drink she was good to go. She goes down the hall under the pretext of looking for the ladies room again and calls him over to her. They are gone ten minutes and she comes back with a huge grin on her face. She said the bill is taken care of too, we can go.

When we got to the car, she told me, she went back there to grant his wish, our waiter told the second waiter he would be right back. She was blowing him when the owner interrupted them. He told her how hot she looked and said that he would pick up the tab if he was taken care of too. She said she was surprised how small both their cocks were, but when they came then flooded her mouth to the point that she had to swallow hard and fast to keep from dirtying her dress.

We headed for Wild Bills. It wasn't that busy yet, but it gradually picked up. My wife was strutting her stuff and definitely getting glances from the guys. I told her it was time for wish #2. She was shocked. I told her to go strut around, find a guy with a girl and lure him away from the chick, dance with him for as long as she wanted then come back. I picked a great spot with high top chairs and off she went. She got glance after glance, guys even stopped to talk to her on their own. She eventually found a hot looking girl in her mid 20's with a guy in his mid 20's. She walked up to him and cut into the conversation. You could tell the chick was into the guy and he was there to score on whatever he could. My wife talks for a bit and now the other girl is pissed. My wife asks him to dance and they do several songs. I can see him grinding on her, trying to grab her ass and his hands are wandering all over the place. After a few songs my wife comes back and says she has to go to the ladies room. She comes back and slips me her panties and they are soaked. She says these are getting in the way and heads back over to the guy and begins to dance again. After a few more songs she says we need to leave. I say why it is a good time. She says because I have sucked off 2 guys for the bill, got fingered on the dance floor and now I just need to be fucked hard.

Off we head to the suburban. In the back she goes, with me close behind. We are in a large dark parking lot. She pulls down my pants and begins sucking my cock like a woman possessed. My dick is rock hard and she just impales herself on it, up and down she goes, tits swinging telling me how naughty she felt sucking off two guys, stealing a girls man and letting herself get finger fucked on the dance floor. She says she is going nuts with how good it felt to be naughty and pleasing me at the same time. I kept telling her the night is still young and I have one more wish......but that is for the next story.