Susan Admits She's Curious

Started by bigrichard, August 04, 2010, 06:02:45 PM

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I've been seeing a woman (Susan) who is extremely hot in bed and can suck a cock better than anyone I've ever met.  After another great fuck session, Susan asked me if I had ever thought about a threesome.  Of course I answered, "Always, I'd love to try two women together – what could be hotter", but then she explained that she was talking about two guys and her.  I thought about it for a second and said, "Sure why not," not wanting to be left out.   I thought she was kidding and just trying to get me hard again for another round.   She didn't really say anything more about it until a couple of weeks ago.

At lunch one day, Susan brought up the idea of fucking two of guys again.  She's really getting off thinking about it ever since we talked.  Not to mention I can't stop thinking about it either.  I would love to see her sucking and getting fucked by another guy.

I've noticed a couple of times when I called her at home that she was somewhat out of breath and has this little moan thing going that drives me crazy.  The next time I see her she's horny as hell and ready to fuck.   She continues to tell me she has this fantasy about fucking two guys, She says she will not do it unless I'm willing and can get past the idea that she's fucking another guy. 

Well, the truth comes out.

Susan's been flirting with this guy who owns a construction/renovation company.  He's been checking in on her constantly to make sure his crews are doing the job right.  He's a Latino about 6 feet tall and with muscular build. She thinks he has a huge cock, but she still hasn't found out, but she's very curious.  I keep teasing her about it expecting her to reveal something else.... But she thinks I'm jealous and changes the subject.   

Then she told me that the other day when he and 3 or 4 of his crew were finishing up the renovation work, she couldn't take it any longer and went straight to her bathroom, and started rubbing her clit thinking about him.   Next thing she knows she's ridding her favorite toy, starting to cum.   But again nothing happened....

Well, Susan started talking with him on the phone a lot and naturally with her it turned to the subject of sex and what they both liked.  He told her he wanted to show her his cock.  She told me she was instantly curious because he's obviously proud of it but, worried that she won't like it, which I doubted.  He alluded to the fact that it was the same color as the rest of his skin ("no shit" I thought), but it made her even more curious.  She wondered if it was just the color of his cock or was there more to it, no pun intended, that was the reason he wanted to show it to her.  Her imagination ran wild, her pussy juiced up, all with anticipation. He also told her how he wanted to see her breasts.  That they looked so incredible in my tight yellow shirt the last time he had seen her and that he wished he could touch them.

Well , few days later, he stopped by to see her to finalize a couple of things -- he said.  The crews were gone, but he still had one more cabinet door to take and fix.  They talked for a long time, 30 minutes or so, the whole time she was thinking about what he had said days earlier about wanting to show his cock to to her.  The time passed by so fast and he said he had to leave.  She got up to give him a hug goodbye, but it turned into passionate kissing.  She was overtaken by the moment, and rubbed her boobs into his chest.  She could tell it drove him crazy and felt his hard cock press into her.  She then asked him if he wanted to see her boobs,  and his expression said it all.  I lifted my shirt, he began to passionately kiss first the left, then the right, back and forth and then kissing her lips as he caressed each nipple.

In response he asked if she would like to see his cock.  She was embarrassed for some reason at first, and said no.  He was OK with that.  But she couldn't stand it, and said yes.  What emerged was, well, more than she had imagined.

So he pulls out this light brown, not as dark as she had originally thought it might be, well, jumbo cock!  she was quite taken aback by the whole thing!   The color was erotic to her, more than she had expected, although she was glad it wasn't a really dark (and especially not a black) cock.  She couldn't keep Her hands off it and immediately grabbed it.  He was very hard and erect, and about the size of, well, MR. Pink himself (her favorite toy)!!!  On top of it all, he is uncircumcised.  This took her back to her first love, first everything, who was also uncircumcised and the only one she had until then (I'm circumcised).

She kissed his lips while she stroked his cock.  Then, before she knew it, she dropped to her knees and latched onto as much of it as she could get in her mouth.  It was difficult to get it all in her mouth - she was truly at capacity.  At the same time, he started grabbing all of her hair and bunched it up in a knot on the top of her head and held it while he watched her lick and suck him.  She licked the underside of his cock and sucked his balls, which were actually rather small - she guesses everything was being sent upstream!!  Anyways, he groaned with pleasure and commented that that was something new to him and he liked it.  The whole hair thing was knew to her and she didn't know what he was going to do, but she found it to be a big turn on.  Her pussy was aching to have him in her, but she didn't go there, yet.   She says until she's talked to me about it.

He said he was very close to cumming and asked her what she wanted him to do.  She said nothing,  just kept sucking, and soon, he came in her mouth after a SHORT time.  Later, he said he couldn't contain himself and that it had been 9 weeks since his wife had given him any and she was the first person he had been with besides his wife who he's been with for over 10 years (not sure she believed that, but well, he might be telling the truth - I doubt it).   He left after another 10 minutes.   

She then told me his cum was ok, but not sweet like mine.   More to cum......