Susan's Date to the Wedding

Started by bigrichard, August 04, 2010, 01:06:40 PM

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I had shared Susan with a friend for some time. During that time we had another friend that had expressed interest in her. He actually asked if we were swingers. It was funny when the two guys were around each other it was like they were trying to cock block each other. But for one reason or another nothing ever had happened with Ed. Farthest she had ever gone with him is rubbing his crotch under the table in a booth at a local bar when we were all out.

Now last week Ed asks Susan if she will be his date for a wedding on Saturday. She laughed and said "sure but I have to be on my best behavior". He said "Well it is open bar, but John probably wouldn't approve of you going." They laughed and went their separate ways. When she got home she told me what was said. I told her she should call him and go, but had to remember she could only have sex with him if I was able to watch as those were the rules. She said she maybe would talk to him tomorrow. Once we got into bed and she was like a woman possessed I knew she was up for it.

The next night she came home and told me that she had told him yes she could go. I asked her what he said and her face got red and she said that he asked if that meant she could also spend the night with him. I asked what her answer was and she told him no but they maybe be able to work something out. She was giddy all week waiting for Saturday. I helped her pick out some sexy underwear and sexy bra to go under her outfit.

Saturday at 1 Ed came by to pick her up. I walked her out to his car and said "HI". He said thanks for letting her go and I commented go easy on her and don't let her get too drunk she gets out of control. She slapped me and said stop, he laughed and said first round is on me. I told her to call me on her cell with updates on what was going on.

I waited and waited till 4pm till she called. She told me the wedding was nice and she was having a good time that everyone made her feel welcome. I said "ok ok" get on to the good stuff. She laughed and said other than a few comments here and there Ed was a perfect gentleman. She told me she was heading back to the reception and she would call back later.

For the next four hours I am going nuts wondering if he is going to make a move or not and what she will do. A little after eight my cell rings. I can tell right away she has been drinking. She tells me again what a great time she is having and that she and Ed have been dancing a lot. She tells me that he is getting bolder and bolder. "Really?" I say getting excited. She says yes he has been running his hands over my ass while dancing and kissed me several times and even accidently on purpose rubbed my boob. She said my cigarette is gone so I better get back inside. I say call me as the phone dies.

Eleven forty the phone rings. She is giggly and I can tell pretty drunk. I ask her what has gone on. She says they danced some more and rubbed against each other. He has kissed her a lot and she says she thinks she even has a hicky on her neck. I ask that's it? She says well no I kind of lost a bet, well a couple bets. I said go on. Seems the reception is at a bowling alley/bar/banquet place. Ed asked her to play pool she said sure and started talking •••• about beating him. She stinks at pool and he plays in a league. I said go on. She said well he bet me that if he won I had to show him my nipple "since they had been poking out all night". She says I took the bet and lost. So we went into a dark corner and I showed him a nipple. She says he tried to touch it but I covered it up and said "Oh no you don't." He then challenged me again, I said and you didn't learn from the first time? She laughed and said well I was having fun. This time the bet was to see both her tits, she lost again. They went to the corner and she showed him her bare tits. He grabbed them both and told her he wanted to suck them. She pulled away and told him he would have to bet for that. That is when she called me. The next part she told me after.

Well seems she won the next game and got to rub his dick thru his slacks. Then lost the next one, he told her double or nothing? She said 'What's the bet?" He told her if she loses he gets to take her to the car and suck her tits and then she has to suck him. She said she played offended and asked what she got if she won? He said the way you have been playing anything you want. Seems she lost, prolly on purpose at this point. They decide to say their goodbyes and leave.

She said he drove about a mile down the road to a rest area and barely had the car in park and was all over her. She lost two buttons in the process of him getting to her tits. He told her that he has wanted to do this forever. She said he was sucking her nipple and squeezing her other tit and pinching her nipple. She got her hand to the front of his pants and was rubbing his hard dick thru his pants. After a few minutes she started to moan and he worked a hand to her crotch to rub her. He told her he could feel her heat and wetness. She got his pants unzipped and got his cock out and was rubbing it. He tried to get a hand into her pants but she told him that wasn't part of the bet and to sit back so she could pay her debt.

He leaned back and she lowered her head to his dick. As she got close she asked if he was ready and as he said yes, she dropped he mouth over him all the way to the base. She said the yes was more of a moan than an answer. She said he was dripping precum when she took him into her mouth and she got even hotter. She told me she sucked him up and down and licked the entire shaft around the head and he was trying to feel her tits but just couldn't concentrate since she was giving him one of her best blowjobs. She said as soon as she put her fingers on his balls he said "Oh god" and filled her mouth with cum. She normally swallows every drop but some dripped onto her blouse and bra. I am sure for his effect and mine. She cleaned his dick and sat up he told he that he wanted to fuck her bad.
She told him that our rule was that she couldn't fuck him unless I got to watch. He said that he wasn't sure if he could do that or not. She said well feel my pussy and see if you are up for it or not, she put his hand into her pants and he started rubbing her clit and fingering her. After a couple minutes she got off on his hand and after catching her breath said "Well?" He started the car and drove her home.

One twenty I hear them on the porch. She is fumbling for a key so I open the door. First thing I see is the hicky on her neck, pissed because she doesn't let me mark her up but excited none the less. She says "hi hunny we're home". As she leans into kiss me I see the cum on her blouse, instant hard on. I swear her kiss tastes salty as she sticks her tongue into my mouth. They come in and Ed is kind of quiet. I ask if they had a good time. He says yes and she says in the car or at the reception? Ed's face gets beet red. I say well what happened in the car. She tells me that she lost the bet and that she had to blow him. He gets redder and says "Maybe I should go" I jump in and say "Gee you don't want to fuck her?" He says yeah but I am not sure about you watching. I tell him that the way it is, that I am no way gay, bi curious or any of that I just like to see her get pleasured. Susan comes back with a beer for each of us and says "God I am soaked, sweat from dancing and from being fingered all the way home" I laugh, Ed blushes and she walks out of the room. I tell him to relax a bit and enjoy his beer.

A few minutes later Susan walks back into the room with a glass of wine and nothing else on. I see Ed shift his pants. She says I am horny you want to fuck me or not? He is on her in a flash she barely gets the wine onto the coffee table and he is on top of her. Kissing her then kissing and sucking her tits. He works his way down to her pussy and buries his face into her. She looks at me over his head and smiles her evil drunken grin. Yeah she has him hook line and sinker. He eats her till she cums and she is pulling his head into her pussy. She pushes him back and starts to undress him tearing at his clothes. She gets them off and puts her hands on his chest as he tries to get up and slides her soaked pussy down onto him and begins to ride him. She rides him till she cums again.

He then gets on top of her and puts her legs over his arms and starts to pound her like a mad man. I was worried he would cum to fast and be done but then I remembered he already had once that I knew of. She was moaning fuck me fuck me as he pounded her. I think he was trying to put on a show at this point but I didn't care end of the day she is in my bed. After several minutes of pounding I heard him tell her he was going to cum. She said go for it I am on the pill and she no more than said it and he thrust hard into her and let loose his load. He got off her and sat back to take a drink. I looked at her and she was still smiling ear to ear. I could see his cum draining out of her red swollen pussy. She sat up and looked at his cock, covered with both their juices and said are you done yet? He smiled and said are you? She lowered her mouth to his dick and sucked him clean and hard again. She told him I like it from behind too. She got onto the floor on all fours and said come on there Eddy.

He got up and knelled behind her. He started to rub his dick over her soaking wet pussy. Then he looked at me. I smiled and nodded and thrust into all the way in one motion. She let out a loud moan and he started to pound her pussy. I started asking her you like that dick don't you and she said yes, hell yes. This seemed to spur him on and he really banged the hell out of her. I could hear her cum building by her moans and pleas for him to fuck her harder. I watched his face and knew he was going to cum soon so I said to her "you know he is about to fill your pussy again you know" and they both came almost together.

After a couple minutes he got up and picked up his clothes and went to the bathroom. She laid there looking at me and said I love you. Ditto I told her. He came out and thanked us for everything...LOL and said he had better get home. She walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye. Then came back and said I have something for you. I said oh really and she put her cum dripping pussy over my mouth and mad me eat her till she came three times. After she said her pussy was too sore to fuck anymore and I told her well it has to be ready for one more. She laughed and said fine. I would like to say I lasted forever but truth is after what I saw I almost came when I slid into her. Nothing like fucking a cum filled pussy.