Our First Time at Susan's House - The Spare Bedroom

Started by bigrichard, August 03, 2010, 07:20:44 PM

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I remember the first time we played at your house. It was about 12 years ago now, you met me at the door in a flannel shirt and nothing else.  You invited me in and let me know that your husband was still at the office, but he could show up unannounced, so we had to hurry. You took my hand and led me upstairs to the guest room not wanting to leave any evidence anywhere else in the house. My cock was hard as a rock before we even started climbing the stairs, we practically fell through the door and I pushed you over to the bed.   

I just had to have one of your nipples in my mouth so I pushed you onto the bed, nibbling and sucking one of your big pink nipples into my mouth, sucking it to erection. My hand wandered to your pussy, and found sopping wetness. You get wetter than any woman I have ever known, so quickly – I love it. I slipped a finger into your sweet wetness and started to finger fuck you, you grabbed my cock and started licking my cock head and sucking, pulling it into your mouth.  I love the way you look with my cock in your mouth and you look up at me. You have the most intense desire on your face – you HAVE to suck my cock. You suck on the head, split my cum hole, and gradually lick your way down my shaft then slide your whole mouth down over the full length of my cock. I feel it hit the back of your throat – what a feeling – I know I'm going to explode if we don't slow down. But I can't help myself.

I bring my glistening fingers up from your tight pussy, and feed you and me your pussy's sweetness. It just drives me insane to watch you suck your own juices off my fingers and cock. You then slide your own fingers in and start fucking yourself with your free hand, the other is still around my cock or tugging on your free nipple. You're still sucking my cock, making me harder and harder.   

You tell me that you've got to have me inside you now!  I've still got to taste that sweet juicy pussy for myself. You pull your fingers out of that tight snatch and I replace them with my thick tongue, sucking on your clit, then slowly working my way down to your tight hole. You spread you pussy lips wide and feed me your sweetness by shoving your hips forward to meet my licking.

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