Susan goes on a boat ride with out me

Started by bigrichard, July 30, 2010, 02:12:09 PM

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It started out innocently enough. My wife and I were invited late one afternoon to go out on a friend of a friend's boat. I wasn't able to go, so I suggested she go and have a good time.

Little did I suspect just how good of a time she'd have. Susan is a real knockout. She's 46 years old, 5'4, 145, green eyes, blond hair. Nice 44DDD titties, tanned skin and gorgeous legs leading up to a sweet shaved pussy. As she really only knew one of the other people going out (our friend Samantha), I suggested she invite one of our other good friends, James out as well. We've been swinging for 6 of the 11 years we've been married, and James is a former fuck buddy. However, it's been a long time since they've fooled around, as we've become very close friends with him and his fiance.

So I kiss her goodbye and send her on her way. She called about 10:30pm, and said there was a whole bunch of people on the boat, that they were having a great time and would probably be out late. She called again around 2:30am. They had dropped some people back at the dock, but were going back out.

By this point, it was Susan, Samantha and her boyfriend Frank, James and two other guys left at the party. The other two guys were Jason, the owner of the boat and his friend Mark. Mark had been flirting with her quite a bit and had even kissed her at one point. I went to sleep and woke up at 5:30am when Susan slid into bed next to me.

The first thing she said to me was, "If I suck your cock it will be the fourth one I've had in my mouth tonight." That sure woke me up! My cock stood up almost immediately. I asked her what had happened and this is the story she told me:

After they went back on the lake, Samantha and Frank disappeared down into the cabin. This left Susan alone with James, Mark and Jason. Everyone was pretty drunk except Jason because he was driving. The flirting became more insistent and the guys took it upon themselves to cop a feel anytime they felt like it. Grabbing her ass through her bikini bottoms, squeezing her tits, using her as their little plaything.

The girls had been topless earlier in the evening and Susan hadn't bothered to put her bikini top back on, just a thin tank top that she had been wearing over it. I know from experience that when she wears this tank without anything under it her nipples poke way out. Steve pinched one and gave it a hard twist that sent chills through her body.

Finally, she sat down next to Mark. He wasted no time and started rubbing her leg, slowly moving closer to her pussy with each stroke. When he finally touched it, he nudged her bottoms aside and started rubbing her clit. Susan gets VERY wet and he had no problem eventually slipping a few fingers inside her. She leaned back in the seat and let him fondle her for a while, and when she reached for his cock, she was shocked at how big it was.

At some point she excused herself to the restroom and as she walked by James, she just slowly slide her bikini bottoms down while walking and let them drop. When she came back on deck, Mark told her to lay down across the bow. James was there, and she leaned against him as Mark spread her legs and dove face-first into her pussy. James was kissing her and playing with her tits while a guys she had only met a few hours before licked her for what she guessed was at least a half hour. She said he was a real expert at eating pussy and she came at least once. She had also forgotten what a good kisser James was. Mark suddenly stood up and dropped his swimsuit.

When she stopped kissing James, Mark grabbed her hand and guided it to his huge cock.  Susan thought it was impressive when she had rubbed it through his trunks, but she was in awe when she saw and felt it for real. It was at least 10 inches and she had a tough time getting her hand around it. She stroked him for a minute then took him in her mouth, as much as she could. He got a bit rough with her and forced her onto his cock, choking and gagging her a few times, which really gets her off - she a bit submissive at times.

When he was done with her mouth, he bent her over a bench and slid his monster cock into her from behind. He realized by this point that she liked being man handled and showed no mercy on her pussy, sliding his full length in in one motion. James dropped his shorts and came around in front of her guiding his cock into her mouth as Mark continued to fuck her pussy from behind. At some point Samantha and Frank came back up on deck and by the time Mark and James had finished with Susan they were fucking too.

After they were done, Mark said, "Jason's had to sit and watch you be our little slut. Get on your knees and take care of him." Without a word, she dropped down, untied his swimsuit and took his cock into her mouth. It didn't take long until she swallowed his load while Mark drove back to the dock.

After she finished telling me all this, she guided my hand between her legs and said, "Feel how wet I am? Now give me my fourth cock of the night." She climbed on top of me, took me in her mouth and covered my face with her cum soaked pussy. "Do you taste him inside me?" she asked. I couldn't answer because she was grinding her cunt against my face. She then turned around and guided my cock inside her. "I can barely feel you after that huge cock stretched me out." It only took a few minutes before my seed was added to Marcus's.

As she lay on top of me, she reached for her purse and pulled out our camera. She didn't know it at the time, but she saw on the ride home that Jason had picked up our camera and was sneaking pics the whole night. She rolled off of me, spread her legs and said, "Make me cum again while I look at these. I again buried my face in her pussy and in no time she was cumming again. The taste of her, Marcus and me was getting my cock hard again. I laid down next to her and she immediately said, "I'm spent. You can look at these pictures and jack off while I take a shower." It was a wild night for her. She slept until 5 the next afternoon. Can't wait for another invite for a boat ride. But next time, I'm going too!