At the Office with Suzy

Started by bigrichard, July 28, 2013, 11:31:21 AM

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For quite some time my husband Will  had been whispering sweet nothings in my ear about watching me being fucked by other men. At first I was taken back. It did make me feel a bit horny though and I knew that guys liked my legs and I had a good figure to. I was working at place with 28 guys and one other woman. I used to catch then out sometimes trying to get a peak at my legs or down my blouse. Sometimes I would give little "innocent" upskirt glimpses and occasionally I would wear stockings to work.
One afternoon I over heard 3 of the guys talking about me, it was rather hot as they talked about my legs, my boobs (38dd) and they encouraged each other saying quite detailed things about what they would do and how I would probably like it. I quietly moved away so I didn't give it away I'd overheard them. It made me incredibly horny. I went home and tore Pete's clothes off and told him all about it. For a couple of weeks after this Pete would get me all hot and then start whispering scenarios to me. In the end he told me of I wanted to have some fun then to do it.

Once a month many of us from the office go for a drink on the Friday night straight after work. One of the guys Phil had asked me before if I needed a lift to work anytime he would pick me up, so I though hmmmm that might work. So on the Friday I dressed in a smart skirt, and blouse with some nice heels and and also wore some seamed FF stockings for the first time to work. Phil picked me up and off we went. All day I felt horny.

Once work was done we all headed down the pub as usual we commandeered a corner of the pub and I sat down deliberately opposite Phil. I wasn't obvious but did make sure he got the odd little peak up my skirt. I couldn't hardly wait for us to call it a day and head off. Once outside I told Phil I needed to go back to the office before we went home. We headed up the stairs to our floor, Phil trailing behind I could imagine him peaking up my skirt, all the way up my seams.

We made our way to my office, once there I sat on the desk crossing my legs. It's funny how with some guys it's hard to keep there attention when talking to them give them a glimpse up your skirt and they can't keep their eyes off.. I asked him to sit in my chair.

Looking him in the eye I told him I'd over heard him and the two others a couple of weeks before, talking about me. He looked a bit puzzled so I reminded him... you know how sexy my legs are and how much the three of you wanted to see much more and fuck me, I think the words were. He blushed I'm sure but, I reassured him, crossing my legs and asking if he approved of the tan seamed stockings I'd worn as I ran my hands up them smoothing them as I went. He grinned, so you didn't mind he asked. I told him it made me feel really randy. Hmm in fact right then I could feel my nipples stiffen and my pussy going moist. He gave me a smirk... and I asked him what they had been saying as I only caught the very last bit. "You know what guy's are like when they are together" he said, "but we were discussing how sexy you are what great legs you have, if you wear stockings, what size your boobs are". Then he told me that they had talked about if I could be persuaded to go out for a drink. I asked just for a drink? He suggested that if I agreed to go for a drink they wagered I'd probably be up for more.

I walked across the office the shear nylons swishing as I walked, I got a small digital camera from my bag, walked back and gave it him. He looked up , I will pose for you if you like. He looked stunned but it didn't take long for the smile to reappear. I sat back on the desk undid a button or two on my blouse and crossed my legs sliding my skirt up my thighs as I did he clicked away and was soon giving me instructions as to how to pose.. I asked if he liked what I'd worn, he did, I asked if he thought the others would like it as well, "Oh yes" he said. By now I was feeling very horny and was showing lots of leg, and panties , he told me that there were quite a few of the guys would not just them. Of course he knew what to say to make me hotter. He asked if I would go as far as taking my knickers off, I did whilst sat in my office chair and then bent over it. I looked over my shoulder and he now had his very hard cock out, moved behind me and entered me right there. He was hard and eager and soon filling my pussy, but he didn't last long. He apologised, we got cleaned up and left for home. He dropped me off, on the way I asked if he wanted to give me a lift to work again, we agreed on a Friday he would. I told hubby all about it and had a wonderful evening.

Over the next few weeks he would give me a lift on Fridays. I had told hubby all about it and we had a great session. The following Friday Phil gave me a lift and I wore some tan FF's again and on the way home we went for a drink, I sat opposite him in the pub and made sure I kept his attention. he stopped in some nearby woods on the way home where he asked me to show him my stockings, I pulled my skirt up and he told me touch myself. I got very lubricated then he told me to strip down and show off for him out of the car. I strutted around before resting my hands on the bonnet of the car and pushing my rear out towards him, he soon slid the tip of his cock into me, fucking me slowly over the front of the car. I asked him if he's shown the pics he took to anyone. "You'd like that" he told me he's shown some of them to the other two guys and they knew he was giving me a lift. hmmmm that gave me such a warm feeling.

Christmas was not far away and on one of these Fridays he told me that the guys were getting very curious and wanted to know if I would let any of them take me for a drink or let them give me a lift. I told Phil I would pose for him in the office when everyone had gone for the Xmas break and I'd wear some shear black seams.. it was up to him if he told them. I couldn't wait.

On the day I dressed smart on top but very sexy underneath, Most people had finished before lunch with just the odd straggler, Phil came into my office and wanted a peak at what I had on under neath. I showed him some leg and undid a couple of buttons, he produced the camera and asked if he could take a few pics. I was already horny and readily agreed to a few pics. He scurried away and came back with them printed A3 size in full colour. He told me he was going to show them to the other two. that a story for another day