Susie and I hanging with friends.

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I should have known we would be in for trouble. For several months we have planned to spend a weekend with four other couples. We were all staying at my girl friends family house near Yosemite. We hadn't been able to spend a lot of time with our friends the last two years and all of us really looked forward to hanging out for the weekend.

We arrived at various times on a Friday night. The only exception was Dave's girlfriend. She ended up having to work and wouldn't be able to join us. By 10 o'clock, we were in full swing. Food, drinks and music. Everyone was so happy to get away from the grind and see each other. It really was one of the best times I have ever had.

About 3 in the morning, several people had wandered off to bed. It was only Mike, his wife Tamara, Dave, my girlfriend Casey and me. As we sat around talking and winding down, we heard one of the other couples having sex. We were all feeling zero pain form the drinks, so we were extra silly about the noises coming form that room.

We turned the music up just loud enough to drowned out most of the moaning, but not loud enough to wake people. I asked Casey to grab me a beer. Tamara went with her to grab more drinks. They were gone for about ten minutes before it occurred to us that it was taking way too long. The three of us guys quietly crept through the house until we saw Casey and Tamara looking through the slightly open door to the room where our friends were having sex.

Dave giggled and gave away our position. The girls looked at us with that deer in the headlights look. We all laughed a little and quickly went back to the living room before we got busted. Grown men and women, drunk and giggling over sex... :-)

When we got back to the living room, we had another laugh when we realized the girls hadn't gotten any drinks. This time, they went to the kitchen and when they returned with our drinks, they said they had an idea. Each was convinced they were the better dancer. They wanted to have a contest and the three of us would be the judges. I knew they were tipsy, but I also knew Casey wasn't that tipsy. She wouldn't even look me in the eyes.

Let me explain. I am not that kind of person. before Casey, I was in a pretty bad relationship with a cheater. Casey knew I wouldn't like the idea. I later found out she was just hoping I would go along because we were having such a blast.

The other guys were all in. It started with Casey in the middle of the living room. When a new song started, she was swaying and dancing extremely sexy. I have to admit, she was hot and the looks she got from all of the others said so as well. Casey was wearing a small pair of jean shorts and a v neck t shirt. When she bent over, we could all see the perfect globes the bottom of her ass made.

Casey is gorgeous. Outstanding ass, big, full tits and a thick body. Not fat at all. Just thick.

At the end of Casey's dance, she walked over to me, flipped her leg over my lap as she turned around, then sat down on my semi hard cock and started grinding. This got a good reaction from the others and Mike told Tamara she had a lot to compete with.

Casey stayed on my lap as Tamara stood in the middle of the room. Mike had picked her up right from work and she was still in her work clothes. She looked pretty damn fierce! She had a black skirt, black and white top and panty hose.

From the moment she started, Tamara was intoxicating. She could really move and knew how to show off her body. What we thought were pantyhose was revealed to be a pair of leg garters when she bent at her knees and did a little grinding motion with her ass. Tamara ended her dance by walking to her husband and throwing her leg over his shoulder while she leaned back.

Now, I will admit that Tamara was the better dancer, but my girl is better looking. I had to vote for Casey! Mike voted for Tamara. We all laughed and looked at David for the deciding vote. He played the card very well. David said there was no way he could decide and that both of them were so hot that he couldn't think straight. The girls, naturally, loved his answer.

Tamara said they would have to go into sudden death. Dave would be the deciding vote, so they would have to sway him one way or the other.

Casey felt me tense up and turned to face me. She said not to worry. She said we were all friends and that we knew there were limitations. It was just dancing. She also said that after, we would go to our room and she would fuck me to pieces because this was making her so horny....

This time, Tamara started. She resumed her position mid room. When her song started, she immediately unbuttoned the top three buttons on her shirt. She danced and swayed and had us all as enthralled as she did the first time. She danced over to her husband and put her foot on his chair, between his legs. She nodded toward her stocking and he knew what to do. He reached up her skirt and pulled her stocking down her leg. When it reached her foot, she moved it up his leg and across his crotch. This got a clap from Dave.

Mike was expecting her to give him the other leg, but instead she turned and walked over to where Dave was sitting on the couch. (Which also happened to be right next to me and Casey.) She did the same routine and put her foot between his legs. She swayed her hips for a few seconds, then gave him the nod to take her other stocking off. Dave looked at Mike to get the ok. Mike just sat there with a cocky grin on his face and shook his head yes. Dave started to reach up Tamara's skirt, but she stopped him and shook her finger. She reached down and started pulling her skirt up very slowly. She would stop after every quarter inch or so to give us all a look at her smooth, tan legs. When she had her skirt up to the top of the stocking, she gave him the go ahead to pull it down. The three of us could see her panties. They were translucent. We could see her completely hairless pussy lips and, a surprise to us all, her pussy piercing. When Dave reached for the stocking top, Tamara deliberately moved in and brushed her pussy across his hand.

My cock jumped and at that point was completely hard. A fact that didn't go unnoticed by Casey. She turned and looked at me with a strange look in her eyes. I couldn't make out what she was thinking.

Tamara didn't run her foot over his crotch like she did for Mike, much to Dave's disappointment. When she lowered her foot, she danced back to the center of the room. Tamara reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. She swayed her hips until the skirt fell to the floor. Her ass was fantastic. She left her shirt on, which gave just the slightest bit of mystery to the rest of her. When her dance was ending, she made her way back to her husband and bent over at the waist to kiss him. This gave us and absolute perfect view of her ass and pussy in those see through panties. She looked at us, smiled and winked, then sat on Mikes lap.

We all just sat there for a few minutes in a daze. All of a sudden, Dave exhales and says he doesn't know how that can be topped. Tamara looked over at Casey with a wicked grin on her face.

Casey looked at me and I shook my head. I really didn't want her to try and top what Tamara had done. I was pretty much at what I thought was the limit of what I would tolerate. Despite me saying no, Casey got up and went to the center of the room. Nobody was saying a word. She asked Dave to start the music and to make sure at least three songs would play.

As the music started, Casey was quick to take off her t shirt. She had her black lace bra on and we could all see her hard nipples through the material. She danced around for a minute, then made her way over to Tamara and Mike. She danced in front of the and unbuttoned her jean shorts. I knew this was crazy, because she always wore the matching panties with that bra.

As she bent over and slid her shorts down her perfect legs, I heard Dave take in a sharp breath. The panties she was wearing are the tiniest pair I have ever seen. Only a thing string of material running up her ass crack and a very, VERY small piece of material covering her pussy. There was my girlfriend, the one I had planned to ask to marry me that weekend, in just a lace bra and ridiculously small panties, (which were formerly reserved for me)dancing and shaking her ass in front of three of our friends.

Casey got on her knees in front of Tamara, who was still on Mikes lap, and ran her hands up the inside of Tamara's thighs. She dipped her head down and when she came up, rubbed her tits all over Tamara and Mikes legs. She moved Tamara's legs to the outside of Mikes, then pulled Tamara's panties to the side. Mike and his wife had huge smiles on their faces. Casey lowered her head again and when she came up this time, ran her hand up Mikes leg. As she slid herself up further, she leaned in and planted a kiss right on Tamara's exposed clit.

My God. I was turned on, jealous, angry and hard as a rock. Casey lowered her head into Tamara's pussy. Dave and I couldn't quite see what was happening, but what we could see was incredibly hot. With Casey on her knee's, her ass hole was peeking out from behind that tiny piece of string. One side of her pussy was out and we could see she was incredibly wet. I guess I got caught up in looking at her pussy and watching Dave do the same while he rubbed his cock. I wasn't sure how to feel right then.

I reached for my drink and heard Dave ind of whisper, "damn!" I looked over at Casey and she had moved back from Mike and Tamara. My stomach dropped when I saw that Mike's hard dick was taken out from the bottom of his basket ball shorts. It was glistening wet and so was Tamra's pussy. But her pussy wasn't open, so I immediately knew Casey had to have had Mike's cock in her mouth.

The shock wasn't over. Casey walked over to Dave and pulled him off the couch. She turned and told him to him to unsnap her bra. I looked at Mike and his wife and she had his shorts pulled down, still on his lap, jacking his cock with her hand. They both had their eyes on Casey. When Dave unsnapped her bra, Casey whirled around and made sure everyone got a good look at her tits.

I was rocked. I didn't know what to do. My stomach was in knots and I felt terrible. I knew Casey was really buzzed and horny, but this shouldn't be happening. For whatever reason, I was frozen. I couldn't react. Casey looked at me, told me she loved me, (which I thought was really weird) and then had Dave get down on the floor and lay on his back.

When he was down, Casey did a dance over his body. She turned so that she was on all fours by his face, looking toward his feet. She slowly crawled over him and when he reached for her tits, she told him not to touch. She said to let her do the work. If he touched her, it was over. I dont know why that made me fell better. I should have been kicking ass and raging like a maniac.

As she crawled further down his body, I could see the tiny patch of cloth from her panties was soaking wet. Dave had a similar pair of shorts on as Mike. The kind of smooth, loose basket ball shorts. Casey planted her pussy on his cock, grinding on it through the shorts.

Mike and Tamara came and sat by me on the couch, presumably to get a better view. Tamara had taken the rest of her clothes off and sat right back on Mikes lap. This time, she draped one leg over Mike and the other over my leg. She reached down and started stroking Mikes cock again.

Casey maneuvered so that her pussy was split across Dave's cock in his shorts. She was sliding up and down the length and her ass looked so incredible. She was really into it and Dave looked like he was going to pass out. Casey started to moan very lightly.

I started to get up and stop them, but Tamara chose that moment, (I am pretty sure it was on purpose), to grab my zipper and pull it down. She reached in and wrapped her hand around my cock. I was surprised, but didn't stop it from happening. I figured if Casey was acting like a whore, why shouldn't I have some fun.

The friction from Casey gliding her pussy along Dave's cock started to pull his shorts down. Soon, the head of his cock popped out of the waistband of his shorts. The moment that happened, Casey slid up far enough so that her ass cheeks were touching his cock head. I guess Dave had had enough of the no touching rule. He reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands. He rubbed her cheeks and ran his hands down her legs. Casey started moving faster.

I heard Mike moan and looked over just in time to see him cumming all over Tamra's pussy. She was stroking every bit of nut out of him and making it a point to get it on and in her pussy. Her other hand had my cock pulled out of my pants and stroking that one too.

The next moment I looked at Casey, her panties were pulled to the side. Her ass hole and pussy were completely on display. Her pussy was glistening and shiny with her wetness. I watched as Dave reached down and pulled his shorts down in the front. It was like it was happening in slow motion. Dave slipped his thumb in her pussy and slid his ••••• finger along her tight little ass hole. I guess that snapped her back into some type of reality. Casey went far enough forward so that he took his thumb out and then slammed her ass back so that his cock was pinned between her ass cheeks and his stomach.

Guys and gals, I apologize, but I will have to come back and finish this in a bit. Duty calls!