Mutual Masterbation

Started by bigrichard, July 23, 2011, 10:21:19 PM

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My wife was away on business and I was also headed out of town on business the following day. I had asked our next door neighbor to come by and water the plants, feed the animals and get the mail while I was gone. Anyway, the day came for me to travel and my plans got pushed a couple of days.

So I came home, parked my car in the garage and went upstairs to rest. One thing led to another and soon I had a porno on the TV and had pulled out my little rubber flesh light and began to fuck it. I was really getting to it, imagining one of my wife's friends naked and riding me as I used my toy and watched the porno.

All of a sudden my bedroom door sprung open and in walked Kathy. Oh shit, I screamed as I yanked the flesh light off my hard dick and pulled up a bed cover. Oh.... sorry yelled Kathy as she turned and walked out. -when my plans got postponed, I forgot Kathy was coming by to help around the house!
Well, hoping not to be the talk of the neighborhood, I pulled on a pair of shorts and ran downstairs. Kathy was sitting on the couch.

I told her "I am so sorry about that. I forgot you were coming by. I am so sorry!"

She said "Don't be. Its your house. What you were doing in your own house is natural and none of my business."

I was feeling relieved. "So we can act like this never happened and tell no one?"

"Yeah, of course" Kathy then said "OK, you gotta tell me what that thing was."

I told her "Its a fake pussy. Feels real good and my wife bought it for me for when she not around."

"Can I see it?"  she asked.

"Uuuhh ok".

Kathy followed me as I went upstairs. I picked it up and handed to her. " This is kinda cool. - guess it works. You were hard as a rock and going at it when I stepped in" and she handed it back. "Well, Ill leave and you can finish up"

I figured what the hell and so I asked "I'm sure you and Chris have toys too?"

"Well he doesn't, but I have a little rabbit."

"I went to the drawer and pulled out my wife's favorite toy. Like this?"

"No, that one looks real good. I might have to see about getting one of those"

Without thinking, I blurted out "you can try this one"

Immediately I wasn't sure if I had gone too far.

"Well, after seeing your hard dick, I am a little wet. I was just going to go home and get off but what the hell"

I was shocked!

Kathy looked at me and smiled. "We can't tell anyone about this ever!"

With that Kathy  grabbed the toy, turned it on and started running it over her tits and then under her shirt and then down her shorts. "OK, your turn" she said "get back to business. I'll help out a bit."

With that she lifted off her shirt revealing a nice perky, full pair of titties. She then lowered her shorts and panties in one motion revealing her shaved pussy.

A little about Kathy, she is about 38, short blond hair. Not fat but not petite. About 5 ft 3 and maybe 150 lbs, round ass, full legs and I guess 38DD tits.  I have fantasized about her way to often.

Standing naked, she placed my wife's toy on her pussy and looked at me "pull those shorts down and fuck your toy" "think of me as you do."

I lowered my shorts and my cock was so hard. I slipped that toy pussy onto my cock, and started to stroke as Kathy rubbed her pussy with my wife's toy. She even posed a bit as she smiled and watched me.

She opened up her pussy to me, turned around and bent over, revealing her tight little holes, and rubbed her body against me as we continued to masturbate.

"Here" she said "lay on the bed and let me try." With that she knelt next to me and with one hand still vibrating her pussy, she took my toy and started stroking me. I looked into her eyes as she did and watched her swaying titties.  My dick began to spasm and I knew I was close. "I'm close Kathy, so close".   She said, "me too, cum  for me."  "That'll be easy, I'm about to explode."

Within a few seconds, my dick exploded cum inside that toy and my body shook."Oh god Kathy...hell yes. Oh fuck."

That was enough for Kathy as she began to shake and got this wonderful look on her face and then creamed my wife's toy  We lay next to each other for a few minutes then she got up. "This is our secret. No one is to know. Maybe next time I'll let you go further."

Then she got up and left. She still helps out when the wife is out of town.