Couple's First Visit

Started by bigrichard, September 14, 2012, 11:03:10 AM

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I went to visit an adult book store last Saturday night, the type with viewing booths and glory holes thinking I maybe get a blow job from someone. As I walked in there was a younger couple getting tokens to enter the booth section, I asked the young lady if they had been here before, she was wearing a very tight and form fitting dress seemed shy as she grabbed tighter to her date's arm. Yet she spoke softly and answered that this was their first time here, but just wanted to see what it was about here.

The guy received his tokens; turned to me hand extended telling me he was Joe, the lady was Dawn his wife. I placed a twenty on the counter to get my tokens as I told Joe he had a lovely wife and I just loved the dress Dawn wore as it showed off her pretty legs. Joe asked if I could show them this place and explain the do and don't here.

I placed my hand on Dawn's back as I guided them toward the buzzing door, after adjusting to the darkness I explained that we could find a booth that had no one in it and watch videos. Entering in we sat across from the TV added some coins into the slot; I explained that they could pick a channel and showed Joe how to change the videos. Dawn sat between us with a lot of legs showing as her dress was very short, leaning forward as to talk to Joe I placed my hand on Dawn's knee. Dawn did not react or move my hand; she was watching the screen as one guy stood in front of a big breasted blonde feeding her a large cock that she seemed to be choking on.

Dawn seemed mummified as the actor pull out his long cock from the blonde's mouth, that is huge Dawn exclaimed, we sat and watched for a few minutes as the actors changed positions with me reaching across to give Joe more coins to insert as he was closer to the slot. My hand going higher on Dawn's smooth thigh with her skin being so soft, her eyes glued to the TV her legs moved open a bit to the point that I could now see her just a bit of her white panties. Joe was rubbing the front of his pants, while I moved my hand up his wife's thigh till I was pushing up at the hem of her dress, when my fingers reached Dawn's panties her hand came down to stop my hand and push it away..

Dawn asked if that all there was here just watching videos, I explained that some couples come here to be seen playing together I then showed her the glory hole across from us and the fact that I finger was in it and the person in the next booth was watching us now. Explaining that sometimes guys may stick there cock in the hole hoping the get a blow job and in a few seconds the guy in the next booth did just that. It was just an average size cock, but black and hard. Both Dawn and Joe seemed surprised, Joe saying he had never seen a black dick before, Dawn saying it was kind of big. Leading me to wonder what she is used to, I asked if either of them wanted to touch it. Dawn leaned forward and said no way Joe leaned in but never said a word, I told them that he would pull it back out of the hole if Dawn played with Joe dick so he could watch.

Joe stood up and dropped his pants and boxers Dawn turned to him telling Joe to put them back on, but Joe seemed proud of his small dick. It must have been 4 to 5 inches and he was hard, holding back my laughter I stood and pulled out my semi hard cock, which I know to be 6 inches soft and almost 8 hard. Dawn now had a small hard dick on her right and larger semi hard cock to her left just inches from her face, without saying a word her hands reached up to grab both our dicks. Dawn moved her hands over both of us and began to stroke us. My cock swelling and getting larger and harder, Joe yelled at me to put away my dick, while Dawn continued to stroke it and make it harder. Dawn told him be quite and look how big I was, she let go of Joe's dick and turned towards me. Joe knelt next to Dawn as she leaned in to kiss the head of my cock, I told Joe to reach out and hold my cock for dawn.

Joe's hand were shaking as it came up to encircle me, Dawn let go and opened her mouth as she allowed more of my cock to enter her Mouth. Joe asked dawn not to suck my dick, adding that she never sucked him Joe's hand was now stroking my cock as Dawn pulled back to tell Joe she just wanted to see if it would fit in her mouth. Dawn moved forward to suck me in up to Joe's hand as he held my cock for her after a few minutes of Dawn rocking forward and back I asked Dawn to lay back on the bench she was sitting on and lift the hem of her dress. lifting her ass Dawn pulled up her dress and I reached out to pull off her white panties, moving one leg on the bench the other on the floor Dawn rested herself on her elbows looking as I moved between her open legs toward her bald pussy.

Joe saying no I could not fuck his wife, I told Joe to rub my cock on her pussy. Joe was still kneeling on the ground his small dick sticking straight out and hard, he reached for me again with his free hand he reached between Dawn's legs to open her pussy lips, rubbing my cock against her pussy. Joe telling me that I cannot put it in her, I can feel the wetness spreading on the tip of my cock as I ignore what Joe is saying I talk to Dawn saying that she may want to feel just the head of my cock in her to feel what a larger cock might feel like. Dawn moaned and said Ok just the tip; Joe placed the head of my cock at her entrance with me rocking forward feeling the smooth wetness at my tip and I pushed in a bit as Dawn's pussy opened to accept my head. Dawn moaned some more as I settled in her pulled back and teased her and pushed in again so an inch or more penetrated her lovely pussy and stopped there. I could feel the tightness of her pussy engulf me, but even in the tightness I could feel her juices coat the head of my cock.

Talking to Joe I told him he was a lucky man, that his wife's pussy juices were now on my cock and that he got to share in the experience that Dawn was having right now. Appling a little more pressure I slipped in more of my cock. Dawn moaned "OH yes God he feels big", Joe said no fucking and pushed against me to pull me out when he did this my cock jumped up to hit his face. Joe looked stunned but stared at my cock that he was still holding in his hand. I told Joe to lick his wife's pussy juices off the tip of my cock, his mouth opened and he put it in his mouth up to his hand taking in as much if not more of my cock as Dawn had. I had no doubt he had suck a cock before as he swirled his tongue around my cock and sucked greedily at it. I smiled at Dawn as she watched her husband pushing his head around my cock, telling Joe I need more juice for him to suck I told him to put me back inside Dawn.

Joe pulled back with a popping sound, as he guided my cock back to Dawn's wet pussy hole. Joe used his other hand to hold open Dawn's pussy as he looked at my cock go half way in, Dawn pushed her head back as another moan escaped her, "God Joe he's bigger than you, as Joe watched I now reached for Dawn's legs lifting them up causing Joe to release his hold on my cock, I pushed the rest of my cock into his wife. My cock now feeling parts of his wife he will never get to feel with his cock "God Joe he feels so good inside me" Dawn yelled out, I gave her a few second for her pussy to expand before I began to Pound on her pussy. Joe had a very close view as I pulled out and slide back into Dawn's wet pussy he even put one finger at her opening to gather her juices off the top of my cock when I pulled out.

Dawn yelling "more give me more" as I fucked her tight little pussy, I told Joe to tell the black guy in the booth next door to come in this booth because Dawn wanted more cock and I was about to come. He was standing there in less than a minute with his cock out of his pants and in his hand as I began to cum inside Dawn's pussy, pulling out for my last spurt of cum to land on her clit. I moved out of the way as Dawn yelled don't stop I want more, this black stranger moved in and used my cum to coat his cock and began fucking dawn in seconds. "God yes fuck me, fuck me some more" Dawn did not care at this point who was fucking her. I told Joe to kneel by his wife's head and to lick Dawn's cum off my cock, he did as he was told right in front of his wife he pulled my cum coated semi hard cock into his mouth.

He was able to get it all in as I watched this black cock fuck his wife it was a nice sight to see, he must have been jacking off a while in the other room, because he announced he was cummin and he pushed in all the way to fill Dawn's pussy with a second load of cum. I pushed Joe's head off my cock and told him to go clean his wife's dirty cheating pussy. With two loads of cum it was dripping out of Dawn's pussy, the black guy was headed out the door, I put my cock back into my pants as I watched Joe begin to lick at the cum, he did not hesitate as his tongue leaped out to meet her pussy lips. After a minute of watching I opened the door to leave, leaving it wide open as I looked back at dawn laid out on the bench, Joe between her legs with his pants still down around his knees.

I never saw them again, but wonder if this is what Joe wanted in the first place, had he been there before by himself sucking cock because he had before or was just a natural at it. Did Dawn become a hot shared wife, did she enjoy it enough to do it again. Have you ever been in Joe's position, did I do the right thing in making him cuckold