Major Opportunity

Started by bigrichard, August 12, 2012, 12:21:30 PM

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My wife and I are in our mid 40's. My name is Rich and my wife's name is Susie. Since our college days we have been good friends with four other couples, Steve and Jean, John and Susan, Norman and Samantha and Alan and Marsha. We all ending up living in the same general area and often get together for drinks, good conversations and games. We take turns hosting at each other's homes and sometimes go out to a restaurant, movie or show.

During our get-togethers we've had a history of heated conversations regarding religion, politics, sports and philosophy. And yes, sometimes even sex. In fact, over the last few years, sex has become the most common topic of all. We all enjoyed these discussions and over time the subjects and activities at our meetings became more and more risqué.

One night, the conversation somehow got on the subject of breast implants. All of the wives immediately stated that they would never do that and many of the men said that natural are better. Somehow this ended up in a contest to see who had the nicest tits. After a few drinks the woman all bared their boobs and we had a secret vote. The woman voted too. By the way, my wife Susie won the vote, which turned out great for me later in the evening. I think her beautiful nipples were what did the trick, but I digress.

You can probably imagine what happened next. A few get togethers later, the subject of penis size was the topic of conversation. As you can guess, this subject was brought up by the women. All of the usual arguments were discussed but finally the women suggested a penis contest and said that fair is fair. So...there we were, five guys standing in the family room of John and Susan's house with our stiff dicks hanging out. Of course, Susan got a measuring tape and before you knew it each of us was having his equipment sized up.
Now I always thought I had a pretty big cock, and, compared to Steve, John, and Norman, I was clearly in the lead, but then there was Alan. Steve, John and Norman all measured about five and a half to six inches. I measured a good seven inches. But Alan, Alan measured just over nine inches. I have to be honest with you and say that the women were all fascinated by this, although they did their best not so show it. Anyway, we took the secret vote and, surprise of surprises, Alan won. It probably didn't hurt that Alan was in GREAT shape too. all of the events above happened about three and one half years ago, during the depths of the depression. The depression hit most of us pretty hard. Personally, I took a big pay cut at work and my wife lost her job. Most of our other friends were affected as well. But Alan owned a string of hamburger fast food restaurants. He really didn't seem to be too badly hurt by the recession and, if he was, he never mentioned it. But then, Alan had other problems. It was about this time that his wife, Marsha, left him. Now, fortunately, they never had any kids, but I know this was still very hard on him.

We continued to have our get togethers and Alan would come, but I'm sure he always felt like the odd man out. Finally Alan just stopped coming. I felt bad for him. After he'd missed a few meetings I decided to get in touch with him. I gave him a call, and we agreed to meet for a drink one night after I got off of work. I spoke with some of the other guys and we all ended up meet at a local pub. I offered to pick up Alan and drive him as I figured he'd drink too much to be driving.

Alan seemed uptight at first, but after a few drinks he loosened up a bit and seemed to be his old self. We all drank and talked, first about sports but eventually the talk got around to sex. We talked about some of the little adventures we did with the group, the boobie contest and the penis measuring. We even started ragging Alan about the size of his dick and how any of our wives would love to have some fun with it. I think we were really just saying this to cheer him up and it seemed to be working. He starting complaining that he hadn't had sex since his wife Marsha had left him and how he'd love to do any of our wives. He really was getting a bit looped.

At about midnight or so the party broke up and I rounded up Alan to leave. We got in my car and we started driving home. As we were driving along, Alan started talking about my wife Susie. He asked me if I thought she had been turned on by his dick (I told him I was sure that she was). He told me he always thought Susie was hot and it really turned him on the night he saw her big boobs. He said he been thinking her tits for a long time. Then he said something that shocked me and intrigued me at the same time. He said, "You know Alan, I'd be willing to pay $50,000 for a blow job from Susie!" Well, I couldn't believe he said that so I asked him if he was serious. He said "Hell yes I'm serious!" Then we changed the subject.

When I got home from dropping off Alan, Susie was asleep. But, the next morning I told her what Alan said. She asked me if he REALLY said that and I told her yes. Then I asked her what she thought about it. She sat there for about a minute and then she said she'd have no problem doing it if I was OK with it. I asked her if it would be a turn on for her and she said she was sure it would be. And then she said what's the harm, and we could really use the money. I asked her again if she was serious...and she said yes.

I got to thinking about it....and it's was true we could use the money. It would come in handy for a lot of things. It would also be a big turn on for me to watch my wife give another guy a blow job. I decided to see if it would be possible to make this little fantasy come to life.

A few days later I arranged to meet Alan for lunch. Once we got there I went straight to the point. I reminded him of his claim and asked him if he truly was serious. He said yes again and asked me to just name the time and the place. I told him this Friday at my house and be sure to bring the money. LOL

When I got home I told Susie about the arrangements and I could tell she was excited. I think she decided to practice on me because that night she gave me the best blow job she'd ever given me in all our years of marriage... In fact, for the next few evenings leading up to Friday I received a fantastic cock sucking every night as Susie tried new methods and techniques. She really wanted to be prepared for Alan.

Finally Friday night came. Alan was supposed to arrive at 7:00pm. I've never seen Susie so anxious or nervous. She couldn't stop looking at the cock, mentally willing it to move faster. She spent hours on her make-up and picking just the right outfit. She anticipated that Alan would expect to see her naked and dressed appropriately. Finally, just a few minutes after 7:00pm the doorbell rang, it was Alan.

We greeted each other with the customary handshakes and hugs but there was definitely an undercurrent of electricity in the room. Susie offered drinks and we all went into the front room with our wine glasses. Susie and I sat together on the sofa and Alan made himself comfortable on a reclining chair. Susie nudged me and discretely nodded toward Alan. At this point even I could see that Alan's erection was obvious through his tight pants. We proceeded to make the requisite small talk. During our conversation Alan reclined the chair. When he did this the big bulge in his crotch seemed even more prominent and I heard Susie let out a little gasp.

I was finally the one to broach the subject. I said that we all knew what we were here for and we might as well get started. I asked Alan if he minded if I watched and he said it was no problem with him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a thick envelope and handed it to me. I looked inside and it was filled with $100 bills. Alan said "Fifty thousand promised and agreed." I looked at it again and then nodded to Susie. She leaned over, gave me a kiss and then left the room.

Alan and I just made some small talk for about five minutes. Then the music started playing. It was some very sexy and hot music. Susie came around the corner, moving her sexy body to the exotic beat. She was wearing a very low cut, black dress that swirled with her every spin. And the more she swirled, the more of her legs and her ass were exposed. She was wearing a pair of sexy black lace thong panties that did nothing to hide her fantastic ass cheeks.

Susie was obviously performing for Alan and I was just like a fly on the wall although from my vantage point I also had an excellent view. I could see Susie's eyes were glued to Alan's crotch and it was if she were dancing directly for Alan's big dick. I could tell Alan was really enjoying the show as the throbbing of his cock was visible through his pants.

At this point Susie pushed the straps of her dress off of her shoulders, first the left and then the right. Then she let the dress fall slowly to the floor. Under the dress, Susie was wearing only a black push up bra and a black garter belt with stockings and those thong panties. I could see a bead of sweat form on Alan's brow as he took in the view.

The look on Susie's face told me that she was just as excited or maybe even more than Alan. I knew she couldn't wait to get her hands and mouth on Alan's big cock. I must have been reading her mind, because right then she bent over and started undoing Alan's belt. Then she unbuckled his pants. She quickly slid them down his legs and onto the floor then turned her attention to the pulsating bulge in his underwear. Susie took her hand and rubbed it along the long, hard shape hidden under the cotton briefs. Alan let out a sign at her touch and arched his hips a bit. Susie let her hand slowly pet Alan's big dick through the material of his underpants. Alan was so turned on by this that a large wet spot was forming where the tip of his cock was laying.

Susie turned around and motioned for Alan to unhook her bra. He didn't need much encouragement. With one hand he quickly undid the clasp and her bra feel away from her big sexy titties. Her tits bounced free. Susie turned toward Alan and moved a free nipple close to Alan's mouth. Alan licked and sucked one nipple and took squeezed the other one. I knew Susie loves that. She continued to gently rub Alan's cock through the underwear.

Susie then stood up and quickly removed her thong panties. Susie has a nice, dark full bush and Alan's eyes were glued to it. Susie moved into position by Alan, took one of his hands and guided it right between her legs. She stood like that, humping his hand with her boobs bouncing. Alan's finger entered her pussy and she it was apparent she was loving it!

Susie bent over and in a quick and fluid motion, removed Alan's underpants. Alan's big dick immediately jumped up and was pointing straight at the ceiling.

I have to admit that it looked much bigger than I remembered from the night we did the measurement. I know Susie liked what she saw because as his cock sprang out she let out a very loud, "OH MY GOD!!!" Then she quickly took it in hand, bent over and started tonguing his big balls. Alan squirmed with delight and said, "Lick them baby!" Susie did as she was asked and continued to give his balls a tongue bath.

At his point I was getting really turned on too so I removed my pants and shorts and let my hard cock out for some air. I couldn't help but stroke it a bit as I watched my sexy wife licking another man's balls and pumping his big shaft. Susie saw me playing with my dick out of the corner of her eye. She gave me a wry smile as she continued with her happy task.

Susie changed tactics and starting slowly licking up the long shaft of Alan's massive cock. When she got to the big mushroom head, she circled it with her tongue and then slowly made her way back to his big, full balls. She repeated this action several times as Alan rocked his hips in anticipation. Every time Susie got near the head Alan would thrust, hoping she was going to take into her mouth. But she was talking her time, making sure Alan got his money's worth and she was enjoying every minute of it. She knew Alan and his orgasm was totally and completely in her control.
During all this time Alan was still finger fucking Susie's hot, wet pussy.

Suddenly, Susie swung her leg around and over Alan's head so that fuzzy, soaked pussy was less than an inch from his eager lips and tongue. Alan dived right in and buried his head between her wide spread legs, his ready tongue exploring every corner of that throbbing vagina.
As Alan's tongue entered her, Susie finally took that big dick in her mouth. Just the head at first, circling with her tongue as she gently sucked. And then she started to let her gorgeous lips walk down that thick, swollen shaft. She went down very slowly, only about half way....and then slowly moved back up. The second time she was able to go a little bit farther before reversing direction. Finally after about six or so tries, she took his entire cock into her mouth until her lips were touching his balls. She held it there for a few seconds, shaking her head from side to side...and then starting going up again.

I was stroking my cock while watching this show. Susie was repeating this action...all the way down...hold it for a bit...then come up...only it was getting faster and faster. Alan was arching his hips and actually fucking my wife's beautiful mouth and she was just loving it. She was grinding her hot pussy against his face and humping faster and faster.

Alan pulled his mouth away long enough to say, "Suck that big dick baby, you're going to make me CUM!!!"

This spurred Susie on even more and she moved faster yet. Finally Alan stiffened up and arched his back. Susie sat up and kept stroking that beautiful cock. Susie started to scream as her own orgasm kicked in. I think Susie's screams were the trigger for Alan because he let out a load grunt and his cock erupted in fountain of cum drenching Susie's tits and belly.
Susie leaned over and then started sucking Alan's still hard cock as he continued to squirt. She seemed to keep sucking him for at least five minutes and Alan was still moaning with pleasure. As Alan's moans subsided Susie noticed my, still hard dick. She got up, walked over to me and promptly sat on my cock. I started thrusting into her VERY wet pussy while Alan watched the show. I was so turned on and really was getting into it when I saw Alan get up. He came over and stood next to Susie as she was riding me. I'll be damned if he wasn't rock hard again. Of course Susie noticed this and immediately started stroking his big dick again.

This time the show was much closer and I was fascinated by the sight of my wife's hand on another man's monster cock. It was so close it almost looked like it was in 3D. I continued to fuck her pussy while she stroked that big cock right in front of me. I reached up and took her left breast in my hand and began to squeeze it. Alan took my cue and did the same to her right breast. I don't know why, but this turned me on even more.

It seemed surreal, maybe because it was so close this time. I could see his cock dripping with pre-cum. I could see the veins on his cock bulging. I could see his cock actually throbbing. Alan was starting to moan again and I could see him humping Susie's hand. Susie increasing her pace both with her hand on Alan and her pussy on my cock. Alan yelled out again and shot his load all over my stomach and chest. I have to admit, watching my wife jacking off that big cock again so close and watching it squirt was a tremendous turn-on for me. It was everything I could do to hold back my orgasm.
Susie whispered something to Alan. Then she hopped off of my cock and started jacking me off. I don't know what is was, but my dick looked huge in her hand too. As she was stroking me Alan was still massaging her tit. His cock was still semi-hard, wet and dripping. The combined sight of all this was too much for me and I yelled out, "I'm gonna cum!!!"

Just as I got really close I felt my big full balls being squeezed. Susie increased her speed and said, "Come on baby, give me all your hot cum!" Well that was it. I let go and had the most incredible and intense orgasm I ever had. In fact the first spurt flew up and hit me on the chin. The next few spurts landed on Susie's ample tits. She kept pumping and I kept squirting. As the orgasm was finally subsiding, Susie leaned over and sucked me and my balls dry. I looked down and it was then I realized that it was Alan that had squeezed my balls as I was coming. But you know what, at this point I just didn't care, it was so incredible.

Afterwards we all sat on the couch, Alan and I with our dicks still hanging out and Susie with her garter belt and stockings. As we sat and talked, Susie was absentmindedly playing with both our cocks.

We all agreed that it was the best sex any of us had had in a long time. Alan said it was the best he'd ever had. It was then when Alan dropped the bombshell. He said that was so great that he would gladly pay $100,000 for the opportunity to fuck Susie.

I have to admit that both Susie and I were surprised. We told Alan we would think about it. If we do decide to go through with it I'll post it on here. That will surely be another story.