The First Video

Started by bigrichard, April 07, 2011, 09:28:03 AM

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During our sexy times together we have talked about doing a video of us having fun, even talking about having someone come over and film us. This was only "pillow talk" and would never dream of Susan agreeing to this, although it always got me horny thinking about it when we chatted about it. A few weeks later when Susan was out I checked on various sites to see if any guys advertised to film couples having fun, I was amazed how many were on one site I looked at. I noticed one from a guy who lived about an hours drive away, he sounded like just the guy who would be ideal for us, bearing in mind that at this stage Susan knew nothing of this.

That evening I mentioned what I had done to Susan expecting her to be very annoyed but surprisingly she seemed quite interested. She made it quite clear that if we met anyone it would be for filming only, and that they would not expect anything else. Next day I contacted the guy by email and arranged for us all to meet up at the bar a few days later. On the evening of the meeting Susan has usual looked stunning and I felt sure she would get this guy excited at the prospect of seeing us in action,  Bob was a very charming guy five years older that us but must admit he looked very good for his age, him and Susan got on very well chatting away like old friends. We had agreed not to arrange anything until we had chatted later, so I told him that we would contact him. After leaving the bar I asked Susan her thoughts, she replied that he was a nice guy and with a smile thought he was quite attractive.

When we were home we chatted about our meeting and agreed that we would go ahead with meeting Bob and see how we get on, although we only wanted him to film us in action. I phoned him next day and he sounded very keen to meet up with us so I gave him details of where we lived and arranged a evening for the following week.

On the evening of the meet we were both very apprehensive about what would happen although Susan seamed very upbeat. She spent ages getting ready and I watched her putting on a very sexy red bra and panties together with stockings and suspender belt. I had a quick feel of her 38D tits and gave her a long kiss, she gave me a sexy smile which I love to see. Over her sexy undies she put on a nice black dress which set her sexy figure off, and made my cock go hard thinking how Bob would react to seeing her looking so horny.

On his arrival we welcomed him in, Susan giving him a kiss on the cheek. I knew Susan would have to have a few drinks to cure her inhibitions, and this we did over the next hour or so talking just about any thing other than why he was here. Susan "broke the ice" by saying she was going upstairs to get ready and she would call us up soon. While she was up Bob asked if it would be OK for him to strip down to his shorts while he was filming, I said sure but do not expect anything else to happen since I was sure that Susan would not be responsive. A few minutes passed then Susan called us up to the bedroom, she was lying on the bed in just her undies, she looked fucking incredible as usual and I was getting very hard.

While I stripped off Bob was setting the camera up, then he stripped down to his shorts Susan looking at him surprised. I lay next to Susan and soon we were kissing and hands starting to explore each other's bodies. I slowly pulled her bra down to reveal her amazing tits ,I sucked on the nipples making them very hard while my other hand was inside her panties.

I opened her legs to finger her pussy, finding her pussy already very wet and juicy. Moving her over to her favorite position -- doggie. I pulled her panties down to reveal her sexy ass, putting my hand between her legs to again finger her pussy while my other hand played with her ass cheeks. She screamed for me to fuck her hard positioning myself behind her I noticed Bob moving round to get a good shot of us fucking. Strange but we were both so focused on having fun that Bob's presence was not in our minds, although I am sure he must have been getting hornier by the second. I entered her now very juicy and hot pussy, and started to slowly ride her while playing with her ass, she loves that done to her. Faster and faster I fucked her, soon I felt her shudder has she climaxed, I could not hold it any longer either and exploded my inside her. I pulled out of her and Susan rolled over and lay on the bed in a very relaxed satisfied state.

Bob could hardly stand it, his shorts were sporting a huge bulge - I couldn't blame him.

After a few minutes I returned to see Bob lying next to Susan just stroking her body, she looked over at me and asked "Are you OK with Bob lying next to me"    I replied "No problem, but what about you."  She smiled and said "I'm fine with it if you are."

I sat in a chair next to the bed and watched her experience something that I had often fantasized about.  I could not believe what was happening before my eyes, here was another guy holding my girlfriend close and kissing and feeling her body. Next he rolled her on to her side sucking on her now erect nipples while one hand was feeling her ass cheeks, the other hand was rubbing between her legs. Susan was loving the Bob's attention, she was moaning with pleasure as his hand started to work faster on her clit. I could see that she was now stroking his hard cock, while she opened her legs wider to allow him into her even deeper with his fingers. She was stroking his cock very hard and fast now, and by the way she was breathing I knew that she was about to experience her second orgasm.

She moaned very long and came, just as he exploded cum all over her tits, face and stomach.  WOW!  She looked over at me and motioned me over to her.

I had been stroking the whole time watching what was happening, and I stood up, moved over to her face and rubbed his cum all over her cheek with my dick, before exploding again on her tits and face.   

She got up from the bed and gave me her slutty little smile as she passed on the way to the bathroom, I knew that she had enjoyed the evening even more than I had expected her to. After Bob left , we chatted about what had happened. Susan was feeling a bit reluctant about talking about it worried about my feelings.   I asked her if she had enjoyed it.  She replied that she had, she thought that Bob was a nice guy and that it was only fun but very naughty.

I told her how erotic it was watching her with Bob, and how hard I was and that I was pleased that she had gone through with it.

Maybe, just maybe.... it will happen again....