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First time I shared Suzy was this summer on vacation, we had toyed with soft swing before but nothing more than being in the same room with others couples as we fucked. She always had a thing for black me in good shape but had never played with one.

That night we drove from our hotel to a night club the concierge had recommended. It was a 40 something crowd so it fit us. Regular looking people having fun dancing and drinking. Suzy was looking hot with a very short skirt and a halter normal no panties. The skirt was short enough that you could easily reach her pussy without pulling it up...incredible.

We were dancing a lot that night, she was grinding on me getting me rock hard. If the club hadn't been a few miles from our hotel, I'm sure we would have been up in the room having fun and would have missed what was about to happen.

Between dances, we went to the bar to have a drink, we found 2 open bar stools, one next to this good looking black man Mike. He was very muscular that was clear though his tight T-shirt. He had a wedding ring but no wife in sight. He initiated conversation but introducing himself to us, we talked a bit, found out Mike was a fireman (something else Suzy always wanted) from out of town for a friends wedding. Mike was very nice, not hitting on my wife but at the same time I could see him watch as my hand stroked her thigh. I could see he liked that so I moved my hand closer and closer to the skirt as we talked about fire fighting, his kids, our kids, etc.

A great song came on and Suzy asked if he wanted to dance with us. I knew she was getting horny, she danced with both of us, but slowly turned to him more and more as she put her hands on his chest. As she touched his chest through his T-shirt she looked back at me to make sure I was okay, I smiled and nodded as she moved her hands to his ass. He in turn slide his to her ass and down under the was so hot to watch them like that. I came up behind them and slide my hands around her and under her halter top to play with her tits as Mike slide his hand over her pussy...she laid her head back on my shoulder as he rubbed her...

About that time she whispered to me "lets take him back to the room"....I leaned forward and asked Mike if he wanted to go back to our hotel room and "talk", he smiled and followed us out.

As we waited for the valet Suzy let Mike wrap his arms around her as she kissed his neck she pushed her ass against his now bulging crotch all the time she was holding my hand...we got in the car, she got in the front and Mike in the back but as we drove the couple mikes she turned back to him, telling him how she can't believe we are doing this...he smiled and just said "doing what"

We got to the hotel and the three of us got in the elevator, Suzy wrapped her one arm around me and kissed me deep as she slid her other hand over his crotch. The elevator opens and we walk to our room. As we open the door, Suzy starts to undo my jeans as I pull off her top...Mike unzips her skirt and it drops to the floor. I move behind her pressing my cock against her ass as she removes Mike shirt, she gasps as how muscular it is, she runs her hands over it followed by her tongue, and gentle kisses. She drops to her knees and undoes his pants, pulling them to the floor. We see a huge bulge through his boxer briefs she rubs it and she runs up his body to kiss him and then turns to kiss me. She is still kissing me as she slides her hand under the elastic band of his shorts. I feel her gasp almost in disbelief as she touches his cock for the first time.

She turns and pulls down his shorts to expose his 7.5 inches and very thick black, shaved, cock. I'm only 5.5 and not very thick, but do know how to please her. But tonight I'm so happy she will have a large black muscular cock to help me please her.

We move to the bed where we both lay on either side....I suck her nipple as he kisses her, as he moves to her nipple I slide down and start to lick her soaking wet pussy. Sliding my tongue deep inside she starts to moan as I slide up her body to kiss her, she whispers "I want him to slide it between my lips" I ask if she wants him inside and she says "no"....(she always said she would never go all the way if we shared)....

I moved beside her again as he slide between her legs and started to rub and tease her pussy with that beautiful cock. She looked down as he moved back and forth against her. I kissed her and licked her titties as she moaned from feeling the thickness of his shaft between her lips, his cock by now glistened with her pussy juice. She asked me if I wanted to touch it, I said "yes", and I reach down and let it slide under my hands as I pressed it against her pussy...felt so hard, so incredible...I kissed her on the check as she started to cum, her soft moans turning louder and louder...I asked if she wanted him inside "no" she said, she moaned louder as I kissed her deep..."I want to see you take him" I said, "really" she whispered, "yes" I said "enjoy him"..."on god yes" she moaned, she was already in full orgasm as I reached down and position his head between her lips. Mike took the hint and slide inside her...Suzy's orgasm intensified as her body shook with pleasure as he started moving back and forth faster and faster...

Watching his black cock and skin against my wife's white body was incredible. His huge cock pushing in deep and stretching her wide. My own cock was rock hard, Suzy's hand reach for my hand as she cam over and over again, her hand was there to reassure me that despite having the best cock insider she had ever had, she would always be mine.

It didn't take long for his strokes to become thrusts as he got closer and closer to cumming. She looked at him as she spread her legs for him and told him between deep breaths "don't cum inside me, I want to feel it on my body.." Mike nodded as he fucked her harder as she moaned, his balls slapping against her as I stroke her thigh...suddenly he pulls out just as the first stream of cum shoots how his cock...hitting her pussy lips, but the second shoot its her stomach and tits. She reaches for his shaft with both hands stroking it, milking it, and he pumps and pumps his white cum all over her body, tits, stomach, up to her much cum all over her....

As he finishes he rolls to lay next to her as she looks at me tells me to "fuck me", I move between her legs sliding my cock into her, although I know he had just stretched her much bigger, it still feels incredible as she starts to cum all over again. I feel his cum between our bodies and bend down to kiss her. After we kiss, she pushes my head down whispers to me to "taste his cum"...I lick his thick white cum off her body as I fuck her harder and tastes so good. "you like that don't you honey" she says, "yes" I said as continue to lick her...Mike is getting hard again as I watch her stroke face covered in his cum as Suzy climaxes again with my cock in her and her hands on Mike's...She looks at me and begs me to do her doggy I pull out she moves to her knees and as I thrust my cock inside her she takes Mike in her mouth.

Each trust of my hips she moves up and down on his cock...she stops sucking him from time to time to catch her breath as she has been in constant state of orgasm for over an hour she licks Mikes balls I give a finally thrust, and cum deep inside her...pumping my load deep inside her...I pull out of her as she keeps liking Mike, now fully hard again.

I lay beside her watching her lick him...she smiles and mouths "thank you" as she moves to straddle him, I wrap my hand around his cock, and position the tip a she slides down on him...the wet sound of my cum in her is so hot...she rides his cock hard as she starts to cum again, until he explodes inside her...

The three of us lay next to each other...her body is quivering as she comes down from her climax...She kisses both of us deep, I go down to lick our cum out of her pussy but after a few licks, she stops me saying its too intense...

We lay there for a bit, Mike kisses her and apologizes but says he needs to catch a cab because he has to get up early. I offer to drive him back, he refused but Suzy insists. I run to the bathroom real quick and grab my jeans and rental car keys. When I come out of the bathroom, they are kissing, she was giggling and still cant get her hands of his cock through his jeans. Mike and I leave and make small talk until we get back to the bar where he left his car.

As we park next to it in the empty parking lot he tells me my wife is incredible and thanks for a great evening, I tell him no thank you for filling our fantasy. I wait for him to open the door but instead he looks at me and asks if I've ever sucked a cock. "once back in college" I say, but I was drunk and don't remember it...he unzipped his pants and puts one of his strong hands on my head and pushes me down...."suck it" he says...I push his pants down and take that rod out, I hesitate a little but he says "you know you want it"...."do it" he whispers in a kind voice but also one that won't take no for an answer.

I take his beautiful cock in my mouth and start to move up and down on it...felt so good in my mouth. I taste the cum of all three of us on it which makes me so hard. I feel his hands on my head again as he whispers "relax...and take it all" as he pushes me down on it...I gag for a moment but then take it all the way down...sucking that incredible tool of his...we move to the back seat where there is more room he sits back and enjoys as I please his incredible cock. I undo my pants to relieve the pressure of my hard cock against my jeans as I'm so turned on by sucking him...he starts to moan as he gets hands squeezing his balls as I take him all the way down my throat. Suddenly his body stiffens and then thrusts I feel the first shot as his tip is deep down my throat, then the next fills my mouth, I try to swallow as he pumps more. The excess running down the shaft as I try to keep up...As he finishes cumming I keep licking up all the cum...he pulls up his pants we say good bye as he goes and gets in his car...

I drive back to the hotel, still rock hard, can't believe what I just did, Suzy will wonder why I was gone so long, should I tell her? I decide not to, I get to the room, open the door slide in next to her in she nuzzles next to me she tells me "thank you for giving me my fantasy" I smile and tell it was just as much mine as hers. She smiles and asks to "did you like sucking his cock?" startled she smiles and informs me she told Mike to make me suck him. She said "I know that was your secret fantasy".....Then she showed me a text from Mike that read "mission accomplished, he took all of it" ...I smiled and told her about it as we fucked again that night...
My Favorite Hot MILF / At the Office with Suzy
July 28, 2013, 11:31:21 AM
For quite some time my husband Will  had been whispering sweet nothings in my ear about watching me being fucked by other men. At first I was taken back. It did make me feel a bit horny though and I knew that guys liked my legs and I had a good figure to. I was working at place with 28 guys and one other woman. I used to catch then out sometimes trying to get a peak at my legs or down my blouse. Sometimes I would give little "innocent" upskirt glimpses and occasionally I would wear stockings to work.
One afternoon I over heard 3 of the guys talking about me, it was rather hot as they talked about my legs, my boobs (38dd) and they encouraged each other saying quite detailed things about what they would do and how I would probably like it. I quietly moved away so I didn't give it away I'd overheard them. It made me incredibly horny. I went home and tore Pete's clothes off and told him all about it. For a couple of weeks after this Pete would get me all hot and then start whispering scenarios to me. In the end he told me of I wanted to have some fun then to do it.

Once a month many of us from the office go for a drink on the Friday night straight after work. One of the guys Phil had asked me before if I needed a lift to work anytime he would pick me up, so I though hmmmm that might work. So on the Friday I dressed in a smart skirt, and blouse with some nice heels and and also wore some seamed FF stockings for the first time to work. Phil picked me up and off we went. All day I felt horny.

Once work was done we all headed down the pub as usual we commandeered a corner of the pub and I sat down deliberately opposite Phil. I wasn't obvious but did make sure he got the odd little peak up my skirt. I couldn't hardly wait for us to call it a day and head off. Once outside I told Phil I needed to go back to the office before we went home. We headed up the stairs to our floor, Phil trailing behind I could imagine him peaking up my skirt, all the way up my seams.

We made our way to my office, once there I sat on the desk crossing my legs. It's funny how with some guys it's hard to keep there attention when talking to them give them a glimpse up your skirt and they can't keep their eyes off.. I asked him to sit in my chair.

Looking him in the eye I told him I'd over heard him and the two others a couple of weeks before, talking about me. He looked a bit puzzled so I reminded him... you know how sexy my legs are and how much the three of you wanted to see much more and fuck me, I think the words were. He blushed I'm sure but, I reassured him, crossing my legs and asking if he approved of the tan seamed stockings I'd worn as I ran my hands up them smoothing them as I went. He grinned, so you didn't mind he asked. I told him it made me feel really randy. Hmm in fact right then I could feel my nipples stiffen and my pussy going moist. He gave me a smirk... and I asked him what they had been saying as I only caught the very last bit. "You know what guy's are like when they are together" he said, "but we were discussing how sexy you are what great legs you have, if you wear stockings, what size your boobs are". Then he told me that they had talked about if I could be persuaded to go out for a drink. I asked just for a drink? He suggested that if I agreed to go for a drink they wagered I'd probably be up for more.

I walked across the office the shear nylons swishing as I walked, I got a small digital camera from my bag, walked back and gave it him. He looked up , I will pose for you if you like. He looked stunned but it didn't take long for the smile to reappear. I sat back on the desk undid a button or two on my blouse and crossed my legs sliding my skirt up my thighs as I did he clicked away and was soon giving me instructions as to how to pose.. I asked if he liked what I'd worn, he did, I asked if he thought the others would like it as well, "Oh yes" he said. By now I was feeling very horny and was showing lots of leg, and panties , he told me that there were quite a few of the guys would not just them. Of course he knew what to say to make me hotter. He asked if I would go as far as taking my knickers off, I did whilst sat in my office chair and then bent over it. I looked over my shoulder and he now had his very hard cock out, moved behind me and entered me right there. He was hard and eager and soon filling my pussy, but he didn't last long. He apologised, we got cleaned up and left for home. He dropped me off, on the way I asked if he wanted to give me a lift to work again, we agreed on a Friday he would. I told hubby all about it and had a wonderful evening.

Over the next few weeks he would give me a lift on Fridays. I had told hubby all about it and we had a great session. The following Friday Phil gave me a lift and I wore some tan FF's again and on the way home we went for a drink, I sat opposite him in the pub and made sure I kept his attention. he stopped in some nearby woods on the way home where he asked me to show him my stockings, I pulled my skirt up and he told me touch myself. I got very lubricated then he told me to strip down and show off for him out of the car. I strutted around before resting my hands on the bonnet of the car and pushing my rear out towards him, he soon slid the tip of his cock into me, fucking me slowly over the front of the car. I asked him if he's shown the pics he took to anyone. "You'd like that" he told me he's shown some of them to the other two guys and they knew he was giving me a lift. hmmmm that gave me such a warm feeling.

Christmas was not far away and on one of these Fridays he told me that the guys were getting very curious and wanted to know if I would let any of them take me for a drink or let them give me a lift. I told Phil I would pose for him in the office when everyone had gone for the Xmas break and I'd wear some shear black seams.. it was up to him if he told them. I couldn't wait.

On the day I dressed smart on top but very sexy underneath, Most people had finished before lunch with just the odd straggler, Phil came into my office and wanted a peak at what I had on under neath. I showed him some leg and undid a couple of buttons, he produced the camera and asked if he could take a few pics. I was already horny and readily agreed to a few pics. He scurried away and came back with them printed A3 size in full colour. He told me he was going to show them to the other two. that a story for another day
I should have known we would be in for trouble. For several months we have planned to spend a weekend with four other couples. We were all staying at my girl friends family house near Yosemite. We hadn't been able to spend a lot of time with our friends the last two years and all of us really looked forward to hanging out for the weekend.

We arrived at various times on a Friday night. The only exception was Dave's girlfriend. She ended up having to work and wouldn't be able to join us. By 10 o'clock, we were in full swing. Food, drinks and music. Everyone was so happy to get away from the grind and see each other. It really was one of the best times I have ever had.

About 3 in the morning, several people had wandered off to bed. It was only Mike, his wife Tamara, Dave, my girlfriend Casey and me. As we sat around talking and winding down, we heard one of the other couples having sex. We were all feeling zero pain form the drinks, so we were extra silly about the noises coming form that room.

We turned the music up just loud enough to drowned out most of the moaning, but not loud enough to wake people. I asked Casey to grab me a beer. Tamara went with her to grab more drinks. They were gone for about ten minutes before it occurred to us that it was taking way too long. The three of us guys quietly crept through the house until we saw Casey and Tamara looking through the slightly open door to the room where our friends were having sex.

Dave giggled and gave away our position. The girls looked at us with that deer in the headlights look. We all laughed a little and quickly went back to the living room before we got busted. Grown men and women, drunk and giggling over sex... :-)

When we got back to the living room, we had another laugh when we realized the girls hadn't gotten any drinks. This time, they went to the kitchen and when they returned with our drinks, they said they had an idea. Each was convinced they were the better dancer. They wanted to have a contest and the three of us would be the judges. I knew they were tipsy, but I also knew Casey wasn't that tipsy. She wouldn't even look me in the eyes.

Let me explain. I am not that kind of person. before Casey, I was in a pretty bad relationship with a cheater. Casey knew I wouldn't like the idea. I later found out she was just hoping I would go along because we were having such a blast.

The other guys were all in. It started with Casey in the middle of the living room. When a new song started, she was swaying and dancing extremely sexy. I have to admit, she was hot and the looks she got from all of the others said so as well. Casey was wearing a small pair of jean shorts and a v neck t shirt. When she bent over, we could all see the perfect globes the bottom of her ass made.

Casey is gorgeous. Outstanding ass, big, full tits and a thick body. Not fat at all. Just thick.

At the end of Casey's dance, she walked over to me, flipped her leg over my lap as she turned around, then sat down on my semi hard cock and started grinding. This got a good reaction from the others and Mike told Tamara she had a lot to compete with.

Casey stayed on my lap as Tamara stood in the middle of the room. Mike had picked her up right from work and she was still in her work clothes. She looked pretty damn fierce! She had a black skirt, black and white top and panty hose.

From the moment she started, Tamara was intoxicating. She could really move and knew how to show off her body. What we thought were pantyhose was revealed to be a pair of leg garters when she bent at her knees and did a little grinding motion with her ass. Tamara ended her dance by walking to her husband and throwing her leg over his shoulder while she leaned back.

Now, I will admit that Tamara was the better dancer, but my girl is better looking. I had to vote for Casey! Mike voted for Tamara. We all laughed and looked at David for the deciding vote. He played the card very well. David said there was no way he could decide and that both of them were so hot that he couldn't think straight. The girls, naturally, loved his answer.

Tamara said they would have to go into sudden death. Dave would be the deciding vote, so they would have to sway him one way or the other.

Casey felt me tense up and turned to face me. She said not to worry. She said we were all friends and that we knew there were limitations. It was just dancing. She also said that after, we would go to our room and she would fuck me to pieces because this was making her so horny....

This time, Tamara started. She resumed her position mid room. When her song started, she immediately unbuttoned the top three buttons on her shirt. She danced and swayed and had us all as enthralled as she did the first time. She danced over to her husband and put her foot on his chair, between his legs. She nodded toward her stocking and he knew what to do. He reached up her skirt and pulled her stocking down her leg. When it reached her foot, she moved it up his leg and across his crotch. This got a clap from Dave.

Mike was expecting her to give him the other leg, but instead she turned and walked over to where Dave was sitting on the couch. (Which also happened to be right next to me and Casey.) She did the same routine and put her foot between his legs. She swayed her hips for a few seconds, then gave him the nod to take her other stocking off. Dave looked at Mike to get the ok. Mike just sat there with a cocky grin on his face and shook his head yes. Dave started to reach up Tamara's skirt, but she stopped him and shook her finger. She reached down and started pulling her skirt up very slowly. She would stop after every quarter inch or so to give us all a look at her smooth, tan legs. When she had her skirt up to the top of the stocking, she gave him the go ahead to pull it down. The three of us could see her panties. They were translucent. We could see her completely hairless pussy lips and, a surprise to us all, her pussy piercing. When Dave reached for the stocking top, Tamara deliberately moved in and brushed her pussy across his hand.

My cock jumped and at that point was completely hard. A fact that didn't go unnoticed by Casey. She turned and looked at me with a strange look in her eyes. I couldn't make out what she was thinking.

Tamara didn't run her foot over his crotch like she did for Mike, much to Dave's disappointment. When she lowered her foot, she danced back to the center of the room. Tamara reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. She swayed her hips until the skirt fell to the floor. Her ass was fantastic. She left her shirt on, which gave just the slightest bit of mystery to the rest of her. When her dance was ending, she made her way back to her husband and bent over at the waist to kiss him. This gave us and absolute perfect view of her ass and pussy in those see through panties. She looked at us, smiled and winked, then sat on Mikes lap.

We all just sat there for a few minutes in a daze. All of a sudden, Dave exhales and says he doesn't know how that can be topped. Tamara looked over at Casey with a wicked grin on her face.

Casey looked at me and I shook my head. I really didn't want her to try and top what Tamara had done. I was pretty much at what I thought was the limit of what I would tolerate. Despite me saying no, Casey got up and went to the center of the room. Nobody was saying a word. She asked Dave to start the music and to make sure at least three songs would play.

As the music started, Casey was quick to take off her t shirt. She had her black lace bra on and we could all see her hard nipples through the material. She danced around for a minute, then made her way over to Tamara and Mike. She danced in front of the and unbuttoned her jean shorts. I knew this was crazy, because she always wore the matching panties with that bra.

As she bent over and slid her shorts down her perfect legs, I heard Dave take in a sharp breath. The panties she was wearing are the tiniest pair I have ever seen. Only a thing string of material running up her ass crack and a very, VERY small piece of material covering her pussy. There was my girlfriend, the one I had planned to ask to marry me that weekend, in just a lace bra and ridiculously small panties, (which were formerly reserved for me)dancing and shaking her ass in front of three of our friends.

Casey got on her knees in front of Tamara, who was still on Mikes lap, and ran her hands up the inside of Tamara's thighs. She dipped her head down and when she came up, rubbed her tits all over Tamara and Mikes legs. She moved Tamara's legs to the outside of Mikes, then pulled Tamara's panties to the side. Mike and his wife had huge smiles on their faces. Casey lowered her head again and when she came up this time, ran her hand up Mikes leg. As she slid herself up further, she leaned in and planted a kiss right on Tamara's exposed clit.

My God. I was turned on, jealous, angry and hard as a rock. Casey lowered her head into Tamara's pussy. Dave and I couldn't quite see what was happening, but what we could see was incredibly hot. With Casey on her knee's, her ass hole was peeking out from behind that tiny piece of string. One side of her pussy was out and we could see she was incredibly wet. I guess I got caught up in looking at her pussy and watching Dave do the same while he rubbed his cock. I wasn't sure how to feel right then.

I reached for my drink and heard Dave ind of whisper, "damn!" I looked over at Casey and she had moved back from Mike and Tamara. My stomach dropped when I saw that Mike's hard dick was taken out from the bottom of his basket ball shorts. It was glistening wet and so was Tamra's pussy. But her pussy wasn't open, so I immediately knew Casey had to have had Mike's cock in her mouth.

The shock wasn't over. Casey walked over to Dave and pulled him off the couch. She turned and told him to him to unsnap her bra. I looked at Mike and his wife and she had his shorts pulled down, still on his lap, jacking his cock with her hand. They both had their eyes on Casey. When Dave unsnapped her bra, Casey whirled around and made sure everyone got a good look at her tits.

I was rocked. I didn't know what to do. My stomach was in knots and I felt terrible. I knew Casey was really buzzed and horny, but this shouldn't be happening. For whatever reason, I was frozen. I couldn't react. Casey looked at me, told me she loved me, (which I thought was really weird) and then had Dave get down on the floor and lay on his back.

When he was down, Casey did a dance over his body. She turned so that she was on all fours by his face, looking toward his feet. She slowly crawled over him and when he reached for her tits, she told him not to touch. She said to let her do the work. If he touched her, it was over. I dont know why that made me fell better. I should have been kicking ass and raging like a maniac.

As she crawled further down his body, I could see the tiny patch of cloth from her panties was soaking wet. Dave had a similar pair of shorts on as Mike. The kind of smooth, loose basket ball shorts. Casey planted her pussy on his cock, grinding on it through the shorts.

Mike and Tamara came and sat by me on the couch, presumably to get a better view. Tamara had taken the rest of her clothes off and sat right back on Mikes lap. This time, she draped one leg over Mike and the other over my leg. She reached down and started stroking Mikes cock again.

Casey maneuvered so that her pussy was split across Dave's cock in his shorts. She was sliding up and down the length and her ass looked so incredible. She was really into it and Dave looked like he was going to pass out. Casey started to moan very lightly.

I started to get up and stop them, but Tamara chose that moment, (I am pretty sure it was on purpose), to grab my zipper and pull it down. She reached in and wrapped her hand around my cock. I was surprised, but didn't stop it from happening. I figured if Casey was acting like a whore, why shouldn't I have some fun.

The friction from Casey gliding her pussy along Dave's cock started to pull his shorts down. Soon, the head of his cock popped out of the waistband of his shorts. The moment that happened, Casey slid up far enough so that her ass cheeks were touching his cock head. I guess Dave had had enough of the no touching rule. He reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands. He rubbed her cheeks and ran his hands down her legs. Casey started moving faster.

I heard Mike moan and looked over just in time to see him cumming all over Tamra's pussy. She was stroking every bit of nut out of him and making it a point to get it on and in her pussy. Her other hand had my cock pulled out of my pants and stroking that one too.

The next moment I looked at Casey, her panties were pulled to the side. Her ass hole and pussy were completely on display. Her pussy was glistening and shiny with her wetness. I watched as Dave reached down and pulled his shorts down in the front. It was like it was happening in slow motion. Dave slipped his thumb in her pussy and slid his ••••• finger along her tight little ass hole. I guess that snapped her back into some type of reality. Casey went far enough forward so that he took his thumb out and then slammed her ass back so that his cock was pinned between her ass cheeks and his stomach.

Guys and gals, I apologize, but I will have to come back and finish this in a bit. Duty calls!
Hot Wives / I knew she was a Slut
March 13, 2013, 10:04:52 PM
We were on vacation, visiting her folks, and one night we decided to go out, and I had read the paper that morning and noticed that a classic porn movie was playing in a neighboring town. I told the wife to get dressed, we were going to the movies. she asked what was playing and I told her it was a surprise.

She dressed in a cute little summer dress and sandals, and off we went. we drove along the coast, and I spotted a nice pull off by the cliffs, parked the car and reached under the seat for my small bag of smoke material. I lit up and passed it to her, and as she was taking a nice toke I told her, "you are about to see the #1 movie that kicked the porn industry in to overdrive. take off your panties." she looked at me like I was crazy, "NO, I'm not taking off my panties!" she said. "if you're going to go see Linda Lovelace and "Deep Throat" you're taking your panties off. Now take them off."

She gave me this look that made me instantly hard as she lifted her tight little ass off the seat and pulled her panties off. "put 'em in the glove box and then turn and face me and let me see that hot little pussy of yours." she turned and faced me, her face flushed from the smoke and the excitement, her pussy looking hot as I reached over and stroked her. she closed her eyes and moaned softly as I told her about Linda's ability to take any cock deep down her throat. just as she was getting sloppy wet I put the car in gear and drove to the theater.

When we walked in to our seats on the screen was the tail end of the first movie, a woman on her hands and knees doggy style, taking a big hard cock. my wife wasn't even watching where she was walking, staring at the screen. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in to the seats close to the isle.

The other movie finished and as we waited for the next movie I took a look around. there were several guys down across from us, sitting in separate rows, and behind us in the middle was another couple, a middle aged guy and woman. back up against the back row was a two other couples in their late 30's or so.

then Deep Throat started and as the movie was playing I started whispering to my wife about was going on in the movie, and at the same time I was caressing her leg, moving to her inner thighs, sliding my hand farther up her leg and under her summer dress.

soon I was caressing her pussy and she instinctively started letting her legs fall open, giving me easier access to her pussy. soon I was flicking her clit up and down as she watched cocks being sucked and pussy getting fucked. I whispered in her ear as I slid my fingers inside of her, "your pussy is so fucking wet,and look, look at those two guys down there, there watching me finger fuck your pussy. she grabbed my hand as she jerked her head over to where they were sitting, and I said, "don't stop, let them watch, they'll start jacking their cocks off for you if you just sit here and let them know you're watching them." and I started finger fucking her faster, deeper, pulling out and rubbing her clit as I talked to her about the men watching her, and they were, watching and jacking their cocks off and she started breathing harder and lifting and slowly grinding her pussy against my hand as she came, grabbing her tits and squeezing them. she came several times before she settled down, and then adjusted her dress and whispered to me, "I'm so fucking wet, let's get out of here and go some where and fuck!"

we got up, left, drove back to the pull out we had been at earlier and in seconds I had my hard cock buried inside that beautiful, sloppy wet pussy and she came the hardest she had ever cum before, and I think I did too !!!!

What a slut!
Hot Wives / Balcony with a View
December 17, 2012, 11:59:14 AM
Lately I've gotten into exposing myself. The idea of having sex while people are watching is very close to me. I used to be in the navy and was opened to the idea of public sex by a cocky but also very hot guy I knew. My second duty station in the navy was Puerto Rico. I worked in the hospital on the base but was allowed to live off base. I choose to live in one of two ocean side skyscrapers named dos marinas. Jake was a guy that worked in the same clinic as I and was always flirting with me. He was so confident and usually way to cocky for my tastes.

He did have a nice body though. Very trim and fit. I have to admit I masturbated many times on my bed thinking about Jake taking me. When I met my future husband frank I thought that my fantasies of Jake would cease but they didn't. Frank and I were still just friends. Jake was the type of guy that constantly teased and flirted with me and had some sort of control over me that nobody else ever has. Sorry to say, even frank. It was truly a love hate relationship with Jake. The worst part about it was that he was married. His wife did not come down to Puerto Rico because the navy wouldn't pay for it. So Jake fooled around. I can't tell you how much I hated him and myself for all of it. Back to the story though.

One Saturday I was in my 10th floor apartment watching TV and relaxing. I heard a knock on the door and there stood Jake and another girl we worked with named heather. They came in and we hung out for a while and then decided that we should head down to the beach for the day. I told them that I needed to take a shower first and would meet them. So they took off. I jumped into the shower and began to wash my hair. Then I hear Jake again. He said that he'd come back to wait for me. I thought nothing of it. At this point Jake and I had still only been in the teasing game.

As I continued to wash my body I felt a cool breeze enter the warm shower and turned to see Jake standing behind me naked. He just stood there rubbing his cock. I told him to get out but he just continued to stand there telling me how badly I needed to be fucked. I'll tell you now, Jake's cock was larger and thicker then any cock I'd ever seen. I was wet instantly. I became transfixed at the sight of him working his cock back and forth. He just seemed so sure of himself and I felt defenseless. He barked at me to turn around. He said I didn't deserve to see anymore yet. My body tingled and I felt faint, I was so turned on. He stepped right up behind me. I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass and leg. He whispered in my ear that he knew how much I wanted to fuck him and that if I did everything he commanded, I would be treated to the best fuck of my life. I couldn't help but begin to rub myself.

He yelled at me and told me to stop. Then he told me to step up and place one foot on each side of the tub. I did as he said and soon felt his mouth kissing my ass and my now soaking wet pussy. I was so turned on I began to shake. He slid underneath me and faced my pussy. Being the first time he'd seen me naked he commented on the size of my pussy lips. I felt him place his mouth onto my pussy and felt his tongue slide up and down, finally come to rest on my swollen clit. Once again he told me what a nice cunt I had. I was overcome by the incredible sensations he was providing me. The view of his huge cock standing straight up and thought of it inside of me threw me into a body shaking orgasm. With that Jake stood back up and walked out of the shower.

He told me to stay in the shower and calm down. When I was ready I was to get out, remain naked and come out to the balcony. The balcony overlooked a marina boat entrance. All day long you could sit there and watch the rich take there boats out into the ocean and back again. The boats went slowly by. After washing myself off I had a craving for Jake's cock that had to be satisfied. I got out of the shower and walked straight out to the balcony, still wet. Body and especially pussy. I found Jake sitting in a chair stroking his cock. I can still picture it. Boy, Jake sure was hung. He told me to kneel in front of him and suck him. He had positioned the chair so that it was close to the railing but left me enough space to kneel in front of him. I grabbed his cock and felt its stiff thickness. I was barely able to wrap my mouth around it. It took the huge soft head into my mouth and tasted the saltiness.

His cock felt so soft from the warm water but also so hard. I began to work it back and forth in my hand and mouth. It was way to big to fit all the way into my mouth. I was in cock heaven and found myself in a world of ecstasy. My ass was rubbing against the railing for any boater to see. My nipples were grinding into Jakes legs and I was working on one incredible cock. He stopped me just like that. He told me to stand up, turn around and begin to masturbate. I did as he requested and found myself totally naked facing anybody how cared to watch. I felt him slide a wet finger into my ass and I thought I was going to cum again. At that point there were no boats going by but I could see one edging around the corner. I felt very nervous but also very hot.

Jake told me to open my legs a bit further so he could get a better view of my pussy. He just kept saying, oh yea, and I turned to see him still stroking his fat cock. The boat got closer and I saw the guy driving the boat look straight at me. How could he miss a totally naked girl masturbating on her balcony. The boat was a fishing charter and had about 5 guys on it. I began to chicken out but Jake asked me if I wanted to get fucked or not. I have to admit I was hotter then I've ever been. I barked at Jake to fuck me then. Sure enough, he kicked the chair back pulled me back a little and stuffed every bit of cock he could into my drenched pussy. He fuck me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. It almost seemed like he was taking running starts at sticking his rod up inside of me. It felt incredible. We fucked for what seemed like an eternity. Every now and then I would glance up to see a group of guys on a boat staring in disbelief, straight at me.

Eventually Jake leaned over me and began to rub my clit. It was so stretched open that the sensation was beyond belief. Needless to say I came in a orgasm powerful enough to make my legs give out. Jake came deep inside of me as I shook and almost fell down. He held me tight as shot after shot of his hot cum was placed deep inside of me. We then fell back a couple of steps into the chair. He rubbed my stomach and nipples as I tried to calm down. I could still feel his thick cock pulsing underneath my ass. My orgasm continued to rush through my body with each pulse. He was right, it was the best fuck of my life (yet).

We eventually got dressed and went down to meet heather at the beach. Our relationship was never the same. We had sex one other time but I was very drunk and he ended up masturbating and cuming all over me. I've never shared this story with frank since it did happen in our pre-dating days. It also wouldn't be right for him to know that my best fuck came from some big dicked guy in front of five strangers. I do get wet thinking about the situation though. It is probably best that we didn't have sex too many more times. It makes the memory of that one time very intense. The feeling of Jakes fat cock entering me from behind was a feeling I'll never forget.

I've never felt so totally out of control or to be more exact more in somebody else's control. I was fucked so intensely and with such force that I felt like I became another person. It was the most wild abandoned sex I could imagine. I see it know from the eyes of the guys watching me. A totally naked girl, in a rage of ecstasy, being fucked like there is no tomorrow, by some big dicked stud. Don't get me wrong, frank and I have a terrific sex life but that one fuck will always remain with me.

I'm not sure how I'm going to calm down from telling you this story but I can try a few things :)

I think you can now understand why I get off letting people watch. Frank has only recently tapped onto my desires and seems more then happy to allow me to display myself. Things are going very well.
Hot Wives / Asheville Nightlife
December 17, 2012, 11:58:41 AM
My husband who's deployed with the Air Force in Germany loves to hear stories about what I'm doing while he's gone. Well honey I hope you like this one as I certainly did.

To help make some additional money while my husband is gone I've taken in a renter of our basement apartment. He's a pilot for an airline that flies in and out of Asheville and wanted a place to stay on layovers instead of the boring hotel scene. I've been having some fun with him and the other day he asked if I'd like a night out on the town. Who am I to turn down an offer like that?

"Yes please," I said.

So this past Tuesday I got an email from him in the morning telling me he was going to be in the apartment that night and that I should find a babysitter for the kids and prepare for a fun night out. Geez it's a work/school night but I haven't had a fun night out in a while so why not. He got into the apartment around 7PM and was calling me on his cel phone at 7:30PM asking if I was ready. I said I was almost ready to which he replied that I should look on the front door for something. I went to my front door and there was a dark blue dress. I went upstairs with it and tried it on. It fit, well kind of. It was very tight and small but still fit me somewhat. It showed off a lot of cleavage and curves. Luckily I had a strapless bra from a bridesmaid dress from the summer. It pushed my boobs up and was very revealing. The dress was also very short. Half thigh. I decided to give him a thrill and go panty less.

The babysitter showed up and gave me a few strange looks. Like what the hell are you wearing you married school teacher with a husband in the military overseas? I acted normally and got her plugged into bedtime. She's a neighbor's daughter and could stay late or even the night because she has in the past. With that I was off.

I got into my car and then called my pilot friend to say I was ready. He must have been waiting because he was in the car 30 seconds later. He immediately gave me a long kiss and had his hand over my freshly shaved and quickly wetting pussy in no time. I had to push him off before a neighbor saw. But he did comment on how hot I looked and how much he appreciated the night out. I gave a heart felt smile. We drove into Asheville and decided to go to Jack of the Wood to have a beer before figuring out what else to do. There were some seats on the bench outside on Patton Ave so we had a beer and chatted sitting next to each other as we watched people walk and drive by. People from Asheville will know exactly the place. There is a picture here. I was quickly becoming buzzed from the beer and being there with him. I was nervous somebody would recognize me but also excited to be out experiencing the night life of Asheville. My pilot friend obviously knew I didn't have on any panties and was constantly giving me quick and intense deep kisses as well as having his hand on my thighs. I could feel him pulling on my leg trying to expose my pussy to anybody walking by. This got me so excited as it was finally dark but also lit enough for people to see. My pussy lips were so swollen with excitement and my nipples were as hard as I can remember from the cool air and stimulation of the moment. I have to admit I caught a few guys getting a quick peek.

We did eventually leave there to have dinner up the street at Tupelo Honey. It was a terrific dinner and there was much play under the white table cloth. I'll admit I had my legs open enough for him to literally finger fuck me through out much of the dinner. He did it slow enough to keep me from cumming but I was on the verge through out. The feeling of his thick fingers working in and out of my drenched pussy and on occasion the sensation of him pulling my pussy lips was so intense. His thumb did wonders with direct pressure and circles to my clit. Oh my God yes. The waiter must have thought I was going to pass out I was so flush, not to mention the full on nipples I had going under my shear bra. I was loving it. While we were waiting for dinner my pilot friend pulled out his enormous and perfect cock under the table and told me to stroke it. He was fully hard before I even touched it and when I did I almost jumped when I felt how ready it was. What a wild feeling to stroke back and forth on a cock so long and hard. It was as long as two of my hands so I was literally stroking it in long full motions, stopping only to feel the heat and softness of his large cock head. He joked that he was sure my husband had never done this or had I felt him being this big. I admitted he was right. My friend is truly blessed with a oh so pleasing cock. Sorry honey, he just has such a nice one.

Dinner was over and as promised my pilot friend took me dancing. I've never been dancing in Asheville as my husband hates it. We ended up going to Club Hairspray since I'd always seen it but never been inside. We went inside and it was exciting from the first step in. While this club is very much a gay and lesbian club it's also a Asheville club and very accepting and welcoming to everybody. I felt very comfortable. Tuesday is dance night and DJ Andy was doing an amazing job mixing together many decades of fun dance music. I was having a blast dancing around my pilot. What I didn't realize was this was also a Strip Tease Night. While nudity wasn't allowed, table dances and grinding were highly encouraged. The mini competition took place in which a row of chairs were set up and contestant couples were positioned on the chairs. The music started and the table dancing began. Before I knew it I was rubbing my bare pussy all over my pilot friend's leg and really getting myself off. The lesbian couple next to me were going wild watching as my pilot friend was squeezing my boobs and also reaching behind to grab my large white ass. I soon found the long haired lesbians in a combined table dance behind me grinding to the music and even reaching under my dress to feel my ass and times even my soaking pussy from my legs being open. What started as a fun event quickly turned in to a very public display of groping and grinding. The contest ended way too soon and we found ourselves been cheered on by the group of other contestants and others dancing around. Even the DJ made comment that perhaps a room was in order before things got too hot.

We stayed for a bit longer and chatted with folks around us but soon it was getting late and I needed a good fucking. So we started walking back to the car and I found myself quickly being dragged back behind Club Hairspray by my now forceful pilot friend. It seems he couldn't wait and told me he wanted his cock sucked badly. I answered back that I wanted to suck him badly too. To that he pulled out his long beautiful cock and pushed me down for some much needed fun. I licked my hand and began working his cock as I lifted it and licked his big balls. Half my face felt like it was being covered by his ball sack and it felt wonderful and warm. I continued to keep my hand wet with spit as I made long firm strokes up and down his hard shaft. All the while bathing his wonderful balls with my lips and tongue. I eventually needed him in my mouth and took a deep breath, relaxed my throat and eased his full shaft down my throat. It felt amazing and so large. I could literally feel the swollen tip of his cock deep down my throat as I took him into my mouth time after time. I had him on fire with this and began to stroke and work the head of his cock with my tongue. His cock felt like it was 100 degrees in my mouth and I took pleasure in swirling my tongue around the bulb of his nicely circumcised cock. I was in cock heaven. I had him going so much that the animal in him came out and he pulled me up turned me around, had me grab a near by fence and soon plunged the pull force of his cock deep into my pussy. He was really going at it. My head was spinning. I couldn't help but think this was a Literotica moment and I once again was getting the fucking of a lifetime. I loved it!

He was fucking me so hard and with suck vigor that you could hear the echoes of him slamming into my ass against the near by Federal Building. The speed and force as well as the sensation of my pussy spread so wide from his big cock as it ripped against my clit, I exploded. I couldn't help but scream out as an intense orgasm ripped through me making my body quake for the longest time. I eventually calmed down but heard him tell me he wasn't done fucking me. I couldn't help but smile as the pounding started back up. I must have startled one of Asheville's many vagrants walking by because I heard someone close by ask if I was ok and then realize I was more then ok.

I soon felt my pilot friend pull the top of my dress back and heard him say, "Let's get those big fucking nips out."

Soon my tits were exposed and flying with the slapping force of a huge cock walloping me and displaying me like a complete slut for our now our audience of one.

I could hear out spectator saying, "Nice."

"Fuck her dude."

"Damn man, you're fucking the shit out of her."

I was now in fucking heaven. My friend must have motioned him over because I soon felt another hand on my nipples, pulling them down hard and pinching them. The bi-standard had now become an active participant. He was fully cupping my tits and playing hard with my nipples. He made mention of how big my nipples were.

I thought I was going cum again when it got pretty crazy and my pilot friend told my now newest friend to take his cock out for me to suck on. I was so drunk, horny and loving the sensation of this amazing fuck that I didn't object at all. I grab the fence tighter and soon found my self with a mouthful of a nice cock, although a bit un-showered and musky, I still loved it. I didn't care who it was, the sensation was wild. The two of them in such a nice steady rhythm. My nipples being well milked and full of two cocks. Oh my God I exploded out of no where and soon did my two fuck buddies. The sensation of a giant cock exploding and pumping cum deep inside me while a nice hard cock began shooting long streams of warm thick cum all over my face and mouth. It was amazing. It was pure fucking bliss. I loved every second of it.

Once I could stand upright I did and was quickly surprised by what I now saw was a much older man leaning over and into me to take a long caressing suck on my tit. I smiled at my pilot friend as I tried to wipe the thick gobs of cum off of my covered face. It was so surreal but I couldn't help but feel so happy and satisfied from the experience.

With that we said good bye to our new friend (he couldn't stop smiling) and walked back to the car. I was a bit embarrassed as a large stream if cum came flowing down my leg. I was a cum covered mess. We drove back home. I got a kiss on the hand from my pilot friend before he wished me a good night and walked down the outside steps to his apartment. I spoke out, same time next week?

"I wouldn't miss it you Slutty Mommy," he said.

"You have a story now that I want to read."

I loved it. I hope you did too.
Hot Wives / First HotWife Experience
December 17, 2012, 11:56:38 AM
I've always been a very sexual person. My husband realized this and since then has encouraged me to continue to have fun as along as I let him know what I'm doing and even let him watch (smile) if he's around. I was very reluctant at first because I felt I was happy with my sex life.

One day when we were coming home from a friends wedding and staying over night in a hotel, we struck up a conversation in the hotel bar with a salesman, who happened to sell wine, yum. The guy seemed nice enough and was very funny. He was a much older man though, probably in his early 50s, a bit over weight and balding. He had us laughing from the minute we met him though. After many drinks the bar closed and the guy asked if we wanted to grab another drink. He mentioned that he had a bunch of samples and why spend more money at another bar and cab fare when we could join him on his balcony. We both thought nothing of it, at least I didn't think of anything else but another yummy glass of wine. We were having such a great time his idea sounded great.

We went up to his room and he asked what I wanted. I said that I loved Ice Wine and knew he wouldn't have it. My husband being drunk and bad said that the last time he gave me Ice Wine, I gave him head in return, True Well he had a bottle in his fridge. Oh boy, so now he's asking what he gets. The same? I looked to Frank to defend me but he just said, "Well how bad do you want it honey?" Haha well I was pretty drunk and he was looking kinda cute, much older and not totally my type but what they hey. So I told him to sit down and I proceeded to give him a very thorough blow job. Wow was he thick. I'd forgotten what other cocks were like. Mmmmm nice. I was wearing the sun-dress I have in the picture and was leaning over next to him on the couch. He was rubbing my ass and working his thick fingers into my pussy as I sucked his lovely cock. He then unbuttoned my dress and pulled my tits out of my bra and basically started milking my nipples. He started calling me names and telling me what nice big nipples I had. I was more turned on then I can remember. I was so close to cumming when he surprised me by shooting a big shot of his cum into my mouth that I swallowed as much as I could but a lot spilled out of my mouth back all over his cock. He then surprised me again and pushed my mouth back down over his cock groaning to clean it up. I was choking a little but I didn't have much choice and did as he said. Once he released me I quickly looked over at Frank wondering why he hadn't said anything. He was sitting there asleep with his cock all shriveled up and cum all over it. The man said he saw Frank cum only a couple minutes into it.

I didn't know what to do but drink the Ice Wine that was sitting there for me. The taste of cum and Ice Wine was an interesting combination.

Some days I think back and feel dirty and others I think back and feel excited. So where was I? Oh yes, washing down the cum of an older, fat balding man with some yummy Ice Wine. I couldn't believe what had just happened but oddly I took to being a slutty wife rather easily. I sat there looking over at my husband who was snoring away in the chair with his very shriveled up little cock peaking out of his pants. If I had a camera I would have taken a picture for days I wanted something really nice. But in this case, no camera.

I started to get pretty tired from the Ice Wine and chatting with the salesman about his life. I suggested he help me get my husband back to our room but he said we should let him sleep and that I was more then welcome to lie down on the bed and he'd take the sofa. I was too drunk to argue and made the quick transition to the bed from the sofa.

I woke up a couple hours later to the warm feeling of being spooned. I thought it must have been my husband waking up but quickly realized his shape (belly, very large hard cock and hands) were totally different then what I normally expected. It was the salesman whispering that he just wanted to lie next to me and sleep. His words said that but his cock said other things as it dug into my ass through my dress.

I drifted in and out and soon felt the salesman kissing my neck ( I love that by the way ) and pulling my dress so he could rub my bare ass with his big hands and cock. I told him my husband wouldn't approve to which he said, "He loved watch you suck my big cock, just relax and have fun."

It didn't take much convincing. I was still horny from before and could use a little fun. He started unbuttoning my dress and soon had me naked next to him. His body was very hairy but in the dark just felt very warm and the constant reminder of his huge hard cock told me something good was going to happen. He was sucking on my nipples and kissing me deep. It felt wonderful. He kept telling me how much he loved my big mommy nipples and full swollen pussy lips. He was quickly down licking my pussy and even my ass. It was driving me crazy. He was whispering that I had a cunt made for fucking and that he planned to pound the shit out of me before he was done. I almost came right then. I love nasty talk. Before I knew it he had two big thick fingers deep inside me and was going crazy fucking me with them as he took turns licking my clit and sucking my swollen pussy lips deep into his mouth. I exploded all over his face and even squirted a little. I hardly ever do that.

With that he told me to get up and go out on the balcony. I was sure what he had in mind but he literally picked me up off the bed and pushed me towards the sliding glass door. I got out there and I could see down to the pool. He came out soon after stroking his thick cock and told me to turn around and grab the railing. With that he proceeded to fuck me through 2 more amazing orgasms. My knees gave out on each one and his cock in me and his hands on my hips were the only thing keeping me up. I could hear my whimpering and his slamming against my ass echoing through out the courtyard. Then I saw a light come out across from us and a man open his blinds. What a sight we must have been. A man twice my weight and 20 yrs my senior was fucking the hell out of me as my tits flew back and forth and nipples brushed the railing. I didn't care what the man saw. It felt so good.

The next thing I knew the salesman pulled out and spun me around and pushed me hard to my knees. He then said, "Open your mouth you fucking slut". I did and he proceeded to blast a giant load of cum in my mouth and all over my face. It just kept squirting out in long full streams. I was soaked and felt so slutty and nasty but was also in complete ecstasy. He told me how good of a fuck I was and said he was going back to bed. He turned to go back in and I was still coughing a little from the cum and trying to see since it was covering my eyes.

I made my way back inside once I got my bearings. Frank had missed the whole thing. I lay back down next to the salesman and wiped the cum off me as best I could with some tissues. I was so exhausted from the pounding I felt to sleep. That morning I woke up with the salesman still naked next to me. The light was shining in and I was beginning to realize just how overweight he was. Still his cock was very evenly proportioned to his big round body. He woke up a minute later and said he love another blow job before he had to go. It must have been the day of being a slut but I agreed and was soon over top of him working his cock as he pulled on my nipples, pushed on my head and played with my pussy by reaching around.

This is when Frank woke up. I heard him say Whoa, and Damn Girl. I looked up to what he described to be a mascara streaked, dried cum face. The salesman then pushed my head back down on my cock and he said he was about to cum. At this point Frank must have been a bit too hung over and ran for the bathroom to be sick. The salesman then said he want to fuck me one last time and got me on the bed in the doggy style position. His big cock slid right into me and he proceeded to go at me with everything he had, which surprisingly was a lot. Frank came back into the room to see the salesman and I cumming together in one volcano of a combined orgasm. Frank says to this date he'll never for get that moment and the faces on the salesman and me.

I collapsed on the bed a quivering mess. The salesman said he was late for an appointment, took a quick shower, got our phone number and left. Frank and I didn't talk about the whole thing for about 6 hrs. We were both in such shock over what had taken place, how much I enjoyed it and what a slut I could be.

Any other regular guys out there want some fun? I love it!!!
Hot Wives / Mom and The Marines at the Beach
December 17, 2012, 11:43:44 AM
At the beginning of the summer when I found out my husband was going to be deployed we decided to take a break and head out to Top Sail Island for a week at the beach. The weather was fairly cool and raining most of the week so we found things to do inside or braved the weather.

We were leaving on Saturday and it finally got really nice on Friday. Our house was right on the beach so I took my 2 and 4 yr old boys down to the beach and my husband and stepson went to play golf.

I was laying there awhile watching the kids play in the tidal pools and having a glass (or two) of wine. I felt like the sun was really coming out and I was stuck wearing a one piece I really disliked because the trip came up so fast and I didn't have time to get a new suit.

The beach was absolutely empty so I decided to risk it and take the suit off. I then turned onto my stomach and felt the warm sun all over my body. I continued to sip my wine, watch the kids and enjoy the feeling of being naked.

Well all good things must come to an end when all of a sudden a pickup truck drove right out on the beach and three guys got out. At first I thought it was some beach patrol but then I realized they were all drinking beer and laughing at me. They were saying things like, hey baby, this isn't a nude beach. I struggled to cover up but i hardly was prepared for this strike lol. The Marines had landed and were closing in. I quickly remembered how close Top Sail was to Camp Lejeune.

The Marines made there way over continuing to laugh at me and saying I was a sight for sore eyes since they had all just returned from Iraq. I tried to lighten the situation by saying that I use to be a Navy Corpsman and usually the tables were turned. This did nothing but put them into over drive. One of them offered and started to get naked saying I shouldn't be the only one breaking the law. I was flattered but said I should just put my suit back on. They would hear nothing of it and said if I was a true patriot I'd stay in my current state. With that they offered me a beer, which I took.

My kids seemed not to notice the lustful attack so I decided to stay and enjoy the attention. In truth they were very nice guys. It was obvious though that even though they were off duty one of them was still in charge. He also happened to be the guy that got naked and sat next to me. What a great body he had. So I sat there with them enjoy the beer and conversation and the constant razzing about me being a former Corpsman. They were interested to know where my husband was and when he'd be back.

The conversation eventually lead to why I was laying out naked and what sort of mom would do such a thing. I admitted I had an exhibitionist streak and had also played some in the past within my marriage. I should have been careful what I said because this really added fuel to their fire. They wanted to hear all about my exploits. I was a bit buzzed so I shared the story of my first experience They couldn't stop laugh at me to hear how a older over weight guy used me on his balcony as my husband was passed out inside the room. This is also when the degrading comments started. They could obviously sense I had a true slutty side and their beer drinking added to their thoughts I sure.

They enjoyed going on about, in their words, my "saggy mommy titties", "big ole suckable nips", "flabby stomach and thighs", "well fucked, whore shaved cunt", "huge meat flaps", they went on but those were the ones I remembered vividly. The naked guy who was now very visibly excited was saying how lucky I'd be as a aging mom to have three "studs" using her like she'd never had before. That a opportunity like this wasn't going to happen again. They could tell I was excited and kidded me that my nipples were hard enough to cut glass and I was probably wet as hell. They were right on both counts.

I was very tempted but worried about my kids still playing neat by oblivious to this onslaught. They said two of them would stay and watch as one would take me behind the truck for some fun. I was on fire and agreed to it especially when I saw the youngest guy of the group head over and start digging a giant hole in the sand for the kids to play in.

So with the slightest nod I agreed and was quickly pulled up to my feet and back around to other side of the truck. His name was Lance and OMG he looked good. He was just the right mix between muscles and toned runner. He had a cock that was at least 7"+ long and very think. I was immediately down on my knees sucking his big pole and licking his balls. He enjoyed calling my mommy slut or mommy whore. He'd asked me if mommy slut enjoy sucking his hard Marines cock. I let out a yes I love it when I could. He complimented me on how I stroked his shaft and sucked his balls and then took his cock as deep in my mouth as I could. God he had a nice cock. He would reach down pull hard on my nipples and tell me how big and hard they were.

Right when I thought he was going to explode in my mouth he had me stand up and lean back against the truck. He proceeded to suck hard on my nipples, biting them with his teeth and pulling them back, stretching them. He was also sticking his big fingers up in side of me and I was moaning like I can't remember. He then stopped took a step back to look at me and said, fuck you are one big slut aren't you? I was quivering and said yes as I stared at his huge pulsing cock. He ordered me to turn around and grab the side of the truck. With that he shoved every bit of his cock inside of me and I came instantly. Everything that had led up to that moment accelerated and I was in a orgasmic frenzy. My knees gave out and I even started whimpering after the explosion ripped through me. He held me up and continued to pump me. It felt incredible. I was able to regain the strength in my legs and stand as he plowed into me. The sound of his body slapping into my ass was so loud I'm sure he friends could hear it down the beach. I was moaning and grinding myself back into him. He was telling me how good my pussy felt and how great of a fuck I was. He said he was so close to cumming and said he wanted me to taste it. He pulled out, turned me around and I quickly knelled to catch a giant stream of cum in my mouth, face and chest. He was still groaning as I licked the last bits of cum from his bright red cock.

I then stood back up and he smiled and thanks me for being such a good slut. I was spent for the moment and started walking back to my towel. I sat there for a minute taking it all in and he came over to telling me my phone was ringing. I couldn't even hear it I was in such a trance. I answered it and it was my husband who said there was a thunder storm and they were heading home. I turned around to look back at the mainland and sure enough there were very dark clouds quickly approaching. I yelled to the kids we needed to go. The poor faces on the other two Marines was pitiful and I promised them a rain check LOL. I really did.

I've stayed in touch with two of the guys who are both back in Afghanistan. I've promised them a welcome home party and even have my husbands permission. We're looking at being back in Topsail next spring if anybody want to have a party.

As always I love your comments. It's my main reason for keeping up on this Blog. So keep them coming no matter how nasty or rude. I think you can see I like that. If you have any recommendations to make the Blog better or have a next adventure for me, let me know.
My Favorite Hot MILF / Couple's First Visit
September 14, 2012, 11:03:10 AM
I went to visit an adult book store last Saturday night, the type with viewing booths and glory holes thinking I maybe get a blow job from someone. As I walked in there was a younger couple getting tokens to enter the booth section, I asked the young lady if they had been here before, she was wearing a very tight and form fitting dress seemed shy as she grabbed tighter to her date's arm. Yet she spoke softly and answered that this was their first time here, but just wanted to see what it was about here.

The guy received his tokens; turned to me hand extended telling me he was Joe, the lady was Dawn his wife. I placed a twenty on the counter to get my tokens as I told Joe he had a lovely wife and I just loved the dress Dawn wore as it showed off her pretty legs. Joe asked if I could show them this place and explain the do and don't here.

I placed my hand on Dawn's back as I guided them toward the buzzing door, after adjusting to the darkness I explained that we could find a booth that had no one in it and watch videos. Entering in we sat across from the TV added some coins into the slot; I explained that they could pick a channel and showed Joe how to change the videos. Dawn sat between us with a lot of legs showing as her dress was very short, leaning forward as to talk to Joe I placed my hand on Dawn's knee. Dawn did not react or move my hand; she was watching the screen as one guy stood in front of a big breasted blonde feeding her a large cock that she seemed to be choking on.

Dawn seemed mummified as the actor pull out his long cock from the blonde's mouth, that is huge Dawn exclaimed, we sat and watched for a few minutes as the actors changed positions with me reaching across to give Joe more coins to insert as he was closer to the slot. My hand going higher on Dawn's smooth thigh with her skin being so soft, her eyes glued to the TV her legs moved open a bit to the point that I could now see her just a bit of her white panties. Joe was rubbing the front of his pants, while I moved my hand up his wife's thigh till I was pushing up at the hem of her dress, when my fingers reached Dawn's panties her hand came down to stop my hand and push it away..

Dawn asked if that all there was here just watching videos, I explained that some couples come here to be seen playing together I then showed her the glory hole across from us and the fact that I finger was in it and the person in the next booth was watching us now. Explaining that sometimes guys may stick there cock in the hole hoping the get a blow job and in a few seconds the guy in the next booth did just that. It was just an average size cock, but black and hard. Both Dawn and Joe seemed surprised, Joe saying he had never seen a black dick before, Dawn saying it was kind of big. Leading me to wonder what she is used to, I asked if either of them wanted to touch it. Dawn leaned forward and said no way Joe leaned in but never said a word, I told them that he would pull it back out of the hole if Dawn played with Joe dick so he could watch.

Joe stood up and dropped his pants and boxers Dawn turned to him telling Joe to put them back on, but Joe seemed proud of his small dick. It must have been 4 to 5 inches and he was hard, holding back my laughter I stood and pulled out my semi hard cock, which I know to be 6 inches soft and almost 8 hard. Dawn now had a small hard dick on her right and larger semi hard cock to her left just inches from her face, without saying a word her hands reached up to grab both our dicks. Dawn moved her hands over both of us and began to stroke us. My cock swelling and getting larger and harder, Joe yelled at me to put away my dick, while Dawn continued to stroke it and make it harder. Dawn told him be quite and look how big I was, she let go of Joe's dick and turned towards me. Joe knelt next to Dawn as she leaned in to kiss the head of my cock, I told Joe to reach out and hold my cock for dawn.

Joe's hand were shaking as it came up to encircle me, Dawn let go and opened her mouth as she allowed more of my cock to enter her Mouth. Joe asked dawn not to suck my dick, adding that she never sucked him Joe's hand was now stroking my cock as Dawn pulled back to tell Joe she just wanted to see if it would fit in her mouth. Dawn moved forward to suck me in up to Joe's hand as he held my cock for her after a few minutes of Dawn rocking forward and back I asked Dawn to lay back on the bench she was sitting on and lift the hem of her dress. lifting her ass Dawn pulled up her dress and I reached out to pull off her white panties, moving one leg on the bench the other on the floor Dawn rested herself on her elbows looking as I moved between her open legs toward her bald pussy.

Joe saying no I could not fuck his wife, I told Joe to rub my cock on her pussy. Joe was still kneeling on the ground his small dick sticking straight out and hard, he reached for me again with his free hand he reached between Dawn's legs to open her pussy lips, rubbing my cock against her pussy. Joe telling me that I cannot put it in her, I can feel the wetness spreading on the tip of my cock as I ignore what Joe is saying I talk to Dawn saying that she may want to feel just the head of my cock in her to feel what a larger cock might feel like. Dawn moaned and said Ok just the tip; Joe placed the head of my cock at her entrance with me rocking forward feeling the smooth wetness at my tip and I pushed in a bit as Dawn's pussy opened to accept my head. Dawn moaned some more as I settled in her pulled back and teased her and pushed in again so an inch or more penetrated her lovely pussy and stopped there. I could feel the tightness of her pussy engulf me, but even in the tightness I could feel her juices coat the head of my cock.

Talking to Joe I told him he was a lucky man, that his wife's pussy juices were now on my cock and that he got to share in the experience that Dawn was having right now. Appling a little more pressure I slipped in more of my cock. Dawn moaned "OH yes God he feels big", Joe said no fucking and pushed against me to pull me out when he did this my cock jumped up to hit his face. Joe looked stunned but stared at my cock that he was still holding in his hand. I told Joe to lick his wife's pussy juices off the tip of my cock, his mouth opened and he put it in his mouth up to his hand taking in as much if not more of my cock as Dawn had. I had no doubt he had suck a cock before as he swirled his tongue around my cock and sucked greedily at it. I smiled at Dawn as she watched her husband pushing his head around my cock, telling Joe I need more juice for him to suck I told him to put me back inside Dawn.

Joe pulled back with a popping sound, as he guided my cock back to Dawn's wet pussy hole. Joe used his other hand to hold open Dawn's pussy as he looked at my cock go half way in, Dawn pushed her head back as another moan escaped her, "God Joe he's bigger than you, as Joe watched I now reached for Dawn's legs lifting them up causing Joe to release his hold on my cock, I pushed the rest of my cock into his wife. My cock now feeling parts of his wife he will never get to feel with his cock "God Joe he feels so good inside me" Dawn yelled out, I gave her a few second for her pussy to expand before I began to Pound on her pussy. Joe had a very close view as I pulled out and slide back into Dawn's wet pussy he even put one finger at her opening to gather her juices off the top of my cock when I pulled out.

Dawn yelling "more give me more" as I fucked her tight little pussy, I told Joe to tell the black guy in the booth next door to come in this booth because Dawn wanted more cock and I was about to come. He was standing there in less than a minute with his cock out of his pants and in his hand as I began to cum inside Dawn's pussy, pulling out for my last spurt of cum to land on her clit. I moved out of the way as Dawn yelled don't stop I want more, this black stranger moved in and used my cum to coat his cock and began fucking dawn in seconds. "God yes fuck me, fuck me some more" Dawn did not care at this point who was fucking her. I told Joe to kneel by his wife's head and to lick Dawn's cum off my cock, he did as he was told right in front of his wife he pulled my cum coated semi hard cock into his mouth.

He was able to get it all in as I watched this black cock fuck his wife it was a nice sight to see, he must have been jacking off a while in the other room, because he announced he was cummin and he pushed in all the way to fill Dawn's pussy with a second load of cum. I pushed Joe's head off my cock and told him to go clean his wife's dirty cheating pussy. With two loads of cum it was dripping out of Dawn's pussy, the black guy was headed out the door, I put my cock back into my pants as I watched Joe begin to lick at the cum, he did not hesitate as his tongue leaped out to meet her pussy lips. After a minute of watching I opened the door to leave, leaving it wide open as I looked back at dawn laid out on the bench, Joe between her legs with his pants still down around his knees.

I never saw them again, but wonder if this is what Joe wanted in the first place, had he been there before by himself sucking cock because he had before or was just a natural at it. Did Dawn become a hot shared wife, did she enjoy it enough to do it again. Have you ever been in Joe's position, did I do the right thing in making him cuckold
My Favorite Hot MILF / Damn I Love Her
September 13, 2012, 08:48:44 PM
I got home from work a little early and jumped in the shower. When I was done and drying off, Susie walked in from the gym. As she showered, I waited on the bed naked. When she was done, I let her dry off and then pulled her on top of me in a 69. I love her sweet pussy and perfect ass. This is the best view in the world to me. As I licked her pussy and sucked on her clit, she was sucking my balls, one at a time into her mouth and running her tongue around them. She was also stroking my cock. It was amazing!

The more I licked her pussy, the less she was able to service my cock. No bother for me. I love to make her come all over my tongue.I stuck my thumb in her gorgeous wet pussy, then went right back to licking. As she started her orgasm, I pushed my thumb in her ass about halfway. This really got her going! She started grinding harder on my mouth and pushing back against my thumb. In no time at all she was coming hard again.

When she was done, I pushed her forward so she could ride me reverse cowgirl. Instead of putting my cock in her snatch, she guided it to her ass. I rubbed some spit and pussy juice on her ass and got her nice and wet. It took a few minutes, but when we got my cock in, we were both in sheer ecstasy. Susie rode me hard until I came deep in her ass.

The whole time we were going at it, we never said a word to each other. Damn I love her.
My Favorite Hot MILF / Major Opportunity
August 12, 2012, 12:21:30 PM
My wife and I are in our mid 40's. My name is Rich and my wife's name is Susie. Since our college days we have been good friends with four other couples, Steve and Jean, John and Susan, Norman and Samantha and Alan and Marsha. We all ending up living in the same general area and often get together for drinks, good conversations and games. We take turns hosting at each other's homes and sometimes go out to a restaurant, movie or show.

During our get-togethers we've had a history of heated conversations regarding religion, politics, sports and philosophy. And yes, sometimes even sex. In fact, over the last few years, sex has become the most common topic of all. We all enjoyed these discussions and over time the subjects and activities at our meetings became more and more risqué.

One night, the conversation somehow got on the subject of breast implants. All of the wives immediately stated that they would never do that and many of the men said that natural are better. Somehow this ended up in a contest to see who had the nicest tits. After a few drinks the woman all bared their boobs and we had a secret vote. The woman voted too. By the way, my wife Susie won the vote, which turned out great for me later in the evening. I think her beautiful nipples were what did the trick, but I digress.

You can probably imagine what happened next. A few get togethers later, the subject of penis size was the topic of conversation. As you can guess, this subject was brought up by the women. All of the usual arguments were discussed but finally the women suggested a penis contest and said that fair is fair. So...there we were, five guys standing in the family room of John and Susan's house with our stiff dicks hanging out. Of course, Susan got a measuring tape and before you knew it each of us was having his equipment sized up.
Now I always thought I had a pretty big cock, and, compared to Steve, John, and Norman, I was clearly in the lead, but then there was Alan. Steve, John and Norman all measured about five and a half to six inches. I measured a good seven inches. But Alan, Alan measured just over nine inches. I have to be honest with you and say that the women were all fascinated by this, although they did their best not so show it. Anyway, we took the secret vote and, surprise of surprises, Alan won. It probably didn't hurt that Alan was in GREAT shape too. all of the events above happened about three and one half years ago, during the depths of the depression. The depression hit most of us pretty hard. Personally, I took a big pay cut at work and my wife lost her job. Most of our other friends were affected as well. But Alan owned a string of hamburger fast food restaurants. He really didn't seem to be too badly hurt by the recession and, if he was, he never mentioned it. But then, Alan had other problems. It was about this time that his wife, Marsha, left him. Now, fortunately, they never had any kids, but I know this was still very hard on him.

We continued to have our get togethers and Alan would come, but I'm sure he always felt like the odd man out. Finally Alan just stopped coming. I felt bad for him. After he'd missed a few meetings I decided to get in touch with him. I gave him a call, and we agreed to meet for a drink one night after I got off of work. I spoke with some of the other guys and we all ended up meet at a local pub. I offered to pick up Alan and drive him as I figured he'd drink too much to be driving.

Alan seemed uptight at first, but after a few drinks he loosened up a bit and seemed to be his old self. We all drank and talked, first about sports but eventually the talk got around to sex. We talked about some of the little adventures we did with the group, the boobie contest and the penis measuring. We even started ragging Alan about the size of his dick and how any of our wives would love to have some fun with it. I think we were really just saying this to cheer him up and it seemed to be working. He starting complaining that he hadn't had sex since his wife Marsha had left him and how he'd love to do any of our wives. He really was getting a bit looped.

At about midnight or so the party broke up and I rounded up Alan to leave. We got in my car and we started driving home. As we were driving along, Alan started talking about my wife Susie. He asked me if I thought she had been turned on by his dick (I told him I was sure that she was). He told me he always thought Susie was hot and it really turned him on the night he saw her big boobs. He said he been thinking her tits for a long time. Then he said something that shocked me and intrigued me at the same time. He said, "You know Alan, I'd be willing to pay $50,000 for a blow job from Susie!" Well, I couldn't believe he said that so I asked him if he was serious. He said "Hell yes I'm serious!" Then we changed the subject.

When I got home from dropping off Alan, Susie was asleep. But, the next morning I told her what Alan said. She asked me if he REALLY said that and I told her yes. Then I asked her what she thought about it. She sat there for about a minute and then she said she'd have no problem doing it if I was OK with it. I asked her if it would be a turn on for her and she said she was sure it would be. And then she said what's the harm, and we could really use the money. I asked her again if she was serious...and she said yes.

I got to thinking about it....and it's was true we could use the money. It would come in handy for a lot of things. It would also be a big turn on for me to watch my wife give another guy a blow job. I decided to see if it would be possible to make this little fantasy come to life.

A few days later I arranged to meet Alan for lunch. Once we got there I went straight to the point. I reminded him of his claim and asked him if he truly was serious. He said yes again and asked me to just name the time and the place. I told him this Friday at my house and be sure to bring the money. LOL

When I got home I told Susie about the arrangements and I could tell she was excited. I think she decided to practice on me because that night she gave me the best blow job she'd ever given me in all our years of marriage... In fact, for the next few evenings leading up to Friday I received a fantastic cock sucking every night as Susie tried new methods and techniques. She really wanted to be prepared for Alan.

Finally Friday night came. Alan was supposed to arrive at 7:00pm. I've never seen Susie so anxious or nervous. She couldn't stop looking at the cock, mentally willing it to move faster. She spent hours on her make-up and picking just the right outfit. She anticipated that Alan would expect to see her naked and dressed appropriately. Finally, just a few minutes after 7:00pm the doorbell rang, it was Alan.

We greeted each other with the customary handshakes and hugs but there was definitely an undercurrent of electricity in the room. Susie offered drinks and we all went into the front room with our wine glasses. Susie and I sat together on the sofa and Alan made himself comfortable on a reclining chair. Susie nudged me and discretely nodded toward Alan. At this point even I could see that Alan's erection was obvious through his tight pants. We proceeded to make the requisite small talk. During our conversation Alan reclined the chair. When he did this the big bulge in his crotch seemed even more prominent and I heard Susie let out a little gasp.

I was finally the one to broach the subject. I said that we all knew what we were here for and we might as well get started. I asked Alan if he minded if I watched and he said it was no problem with him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a thick envelope and handed it to me. I looked inside and it was filled with $100 bills. Alan said "Fifty thousand promised and agreed." I looked at it again and then nodded to Susie. She leaned over, gave me a kiss and then left the room.

Alan and I just made some small talk for about five minutes. Then the music started playing. It was some very sexy and hot music. Susie came around the corner, moving her sexy body to the exotic beat. She was wearing a very low cut, black dress that swirled with her every spin. And the more she swirled, the more of her legs and her ass were exposed. She was wearing a pair of sexy black lace thong panties that did nothing to hide her fantastic ass cheeks.

Susie was obviously performing for Alan and I was just like a fly on the wall although from my vantage point I also had an excellent view. I could see Susie's eyes were glued to Alan's crotch and it was if she were dancing directly for Alan's big dick. I could tell Alan was really enjoying the show as the throbbing of his cock was visible through his pants.

At this point Susie pushed the straps of her dress off of her shoulders, first the left and then the right. Then she let the dress fall slowly to the floor. Under the dress, Susie was wearing only a black push up bra and a black garter belt with stockings and those thong panties. I could see a bead of sweat form on Alan's brow as he took in the view.

The look on Susie's face told me that she was just as excited or maybe even more than Alan. I knew she couldn't wait to get her hands and mouth on Alan's big cock. I must have been reading her mind, because right then she bent over and started undoing Alan's belt. Then she unbuckled his pants. She quickly slid them down his legs and onto the floor then turned her attention to the pulsating bulge in his underwear. Susie took her hand and rubbed it along the long, hard shape hidden under the cotton briefs. Alan let out a sign at her touch and arched his hips a bit. Susie let her hand slowly pet Alan's big dick through the material of his underpants. Alan was so turned on by this that a large wet spot was forming where the tip of his cock was laying.

Susie turned around and motioned for Alan to unhook her bra. He didn't need much encouragement. With one hand he quickly undid the clasp and her bra feel away from her big sexy titties. Her tits bounced free. Susie turned toward Alan and moved a free nipple close to Alan's mouth. Alan licked and sucked one nipple and took squeezed the other one. I knew Susie loves that. She continued to gently rub Alan's cock through the underwear.

Susie then stood up and quickly removed her thong panties. Susie has a nice, dark full bush and Alan's eyes were glued to it. Susie moved into position by Alan, took one of his hands and guided it right between her legs. She stood like that, humping his hand with her boobs bouncing. Alan's finger entered her pussy and she it was apparent she was loving it!

Susie bent over and in a quick and fluid motion, removed Alan's underpants. Alan's big dick immediately jumped up and was pointing straight at the ceiling.

I have to admit that it looked much bigger than I remembered from the night we did the measurement. I know Susie liked what she saw because as his cock sprang out she let out a very loud, "OH MY GOD!!!" Then she quickly took it in hand, bent over and started tonguing his big balls. Alan squirmed with delight and said, "Lick them baby!" Susie did as she was asked and continued to give his balls a tongue bath.

At his point I was getting really turned on too so I removed my pants and shorts and let my hard cock out for some air. I couldn't help but stroke it a bit as I watched my sexy wife licking another man's balls and pumping his big shaft. Susie saw me playing with my dick out of the corner of her eye. She gave me a wry smile as she continued with her happy task.

Susie changed tactics and starting slowly licking up the long shaft of Alan's massive cock. When she got to the big mushroom head, she circled it with her tongue and then slowly made her way back to his big, full balls. She repeated this action several times as Alan rocked his hips in anticipation. Every time Susie got near the head Alan would thrust, hoping she was going to take into her mouth. But she was talking her time, making sure Alan got his money's worth and she was enjoying every minute of it. She knew Alan and his orgasm was totally and completely in her control.
During all this time Alan was still finger fucking Susie's hot, wet pussy.

Suddenly, Susie swung her leg around and over Alan's head so that fuzzy, soaked pussy was less than an inch from his eager lips and tongue. Alan dived right in and buried his head between her wide spread legs, his ready tongue exploring every corner of that throbbing vagina.
As Alan's tongue entered her, Susie finally took that big dick in her mouth. Just the head at first, circling with her tongue as she gently sucked. And then she started to let her gorgeous lips walk down that thick, swollen shaft. She went down very slowly, only about half way....and then slowly moved back up. The second time she was able to go a little bit farther before reversing direction. Finally after about six or so tries, she took his entire cock into her mouth until her lips were touching his balls. She held it there for a few seconds, shaking her head from side to side...and then starting going up again.

I was stroking my cock while watching this show. Susie was repeating this action...all the way down...hold it for a bit...then come up...only it was getting faster and faster. Alan was arching his hips and actually fucking my wife's beautiful mouth and she was just loving it. She was grinding her hot pussy against his face and humping faster and faster.

Alan pulled his mouth away long enough to say, "Suck that big dick baby, you're going to make me CUM!!!"

This spurred Susie on even more and she moved faster yet. Finally Alan stiffened up and arched his back. Susie sat up and kept stroking that beautiful cock. Susie started to scream as her own orgasm kicked in. I think Susie's screams were the trigger for Alan because he let out a load grunt and his cock erupted in fountain of cum drenching Susie's tits and belly.
Susie leaned over and then started sucking Alan's still hard cock as he continued to squirt. She seemed to keep sucking him for at least five minutes and Alan was still moaning with pleasure. As Alan's moans subsided Susie noticed my, still hard dick. She got up, walked over to me and promptly sat on my cock. I started thrusting into her VERY wet pussy while Alan watched the show. I was so turned on and really was getting into it when I saw Alan get up. He came over and stood next to Susie as she was riding me. I'll be damned if he wasn't rock hard again. Of course Susie noticed this and immediately started stroking his big dick again.

This time the show was much closer and I was fascinated by the sight of my wife's hand on another man's monster cock. It was so close it almost looked like it was in 3D. I continued to fuck her pussy while she stroked that big cock right in front of me. I reached up and took her left breast in my hand and began to squeeze it. Alan took my cue and did the same to her right breast. I don't know why, but this turned me on even more.

It seemed surreal, maybe because it was so close this time. I could see his cock dripping with pre-cum. I could see the veins on his cock bulging. I could see his cock actually throbbing. Alan was starting to moan again and I could see him humping Susie's hand. Susie increasing her pace both with her hand on Alan and her pussy on my cock. Alan yelled out again and shot his load all over my stomach and chest. I have to admit, watching my wife jacking off that big cock again so close and watching it squirt was a tremendous turn-on for me. It was everything I could do to hold back my orgasm.
Susie whispered something to Alan. Then she hopped off of my cock and started jacking me off. I don't know what is was, but my dick looked huge in her hand too. As she was stroking me Alan was still massaging her tit. His cock was still semi-hard, wet and dripping. The combined sight of all this was too much for me and I yelled out, "I'm gonna cum!!!"

Just as I got really close I felt my big full balls being squeezed. Susie increased her speed and said, "Come on baby, give me all your hot cum!" Well that was it. I let go and had the most incredible and intense orgasm I ever had. In fact the first spurt flew up and hit me on the chin. The next few spurts landed on Susie's ample tits. She kept pumping and I kept squirting. As the orgasm was finally subsiding, Susie leaned over and sucked me and my balls dry. I looked down and it was then I realized that it was Alan that had squeezed my balls as I was coming. But you know what, at this point I just didn't care, it was so incredible.

Afterwards we all sat on the couch, Alan and I with our dicks still hanging out and Susie with her garter belt and stockings. As we sat and talked, Susie was absentmindedly playing with both our cocks.

We all agreed that it was the best sex any of us had had in a long time. Alan said it was the best he'd ever had. It was then when Alan dropped the bombshell. He said that was so great that he would gladly pay $100,000 for the opportunity to fuck Susie.

I have to admit that both Susie and I were surprised. We told Alan we would think about it. If we do decide to go through with it I'll post it on here. That will surely be another story.
Hot Wives / It's not right.
March 15, 2012, 09:30:27 PM
Sitting here reading stories as your wife is out on a date, thinking what are they doing right now. Is he kissing her, is she going to let him? it was just a fantasy something you talk about in bed not something you ever thought she would act on.

Will this be the night she get a lover? the first cock other than your to enter her since you were married?

It was bad enough that you had to help her dress, that dress that was in the back of the closet that she never wore for you because it was too short, those lace panties she put on only to get you hot and into bed they do not even have a gusset it is all lace and see thru but you held them in your hand as she stepped into them, pulling them up against her pretty ass.

Will she let him see them will she let him slide them down her long legs. It's been four hours since you let him come into your house to pick up your lovely wife. she was unsure just how far this will go tonight, so maybe she will just have dinner and come home.

Four hours is a long time, i think they maybe somewhere else. it's not right.

You love her and want her to be happy, is she happy on her knees sucking his dick, time moves slowly as you wait, what are they doing now as i type.

It's not right because she made it home, she comes in with him, stands in front of you making out. you see him running his hands over her dress to touch her ass for minutes before she looks at you.

tells you to get up behind her and unzip that dress, you have no choice your hand reach up and slide the zipper down, you know what she wants you have acted this out before, you pulled the straps off her shoulder let that dress fall down to her feet as he looks over your wife lovely body. she did not wear a bra you just made her breast available to him.

She tells you to go to the bed room and turn down the bed as he leans in to kiss her breast, you walk away to do as you are told. they now enter the bed room your wife in just her panties and him now in just his boxers.

They remove that last piece of clothing,it's not right when she lays down on the bed pulling him her legs open to him as you watch on. this was your idea but you want it to stop, you just don't know how. it's almost as if you are not there as they embrace each other. you watch as this stranger places his cock between the lips of your wife's pussy.

You are right there besides the bed as you see those lips open for him as he collects a little of your wife's pussy juices on the tip of his cock, you are holding your breath almost as much as your wife might be at that time as the first new cock slowly starts to go in her pussy. You almost faint as you see her legs lift off the bed and spread even wider as he inches more of that hard cock into her pussy.

More and more cock goes deeper into your wife's pussy, it is too late to say anything, this stranger's cock star to slide in and out of your wife's pussy. You can now hear her moans as you can she she is enjoying it because when he slides out you see his cock is wet with her juices.

It's not right that You watch as her pussy lips grip tightly around his cock, you watching as they flare out before turning back in when he plunges deeply into her willing pussy.

This seems to go in slow motion right before your eyes, with you wishing you had never heard of hot wives, but you can't take your eyes off of that cock and her willing pussy that gets wetter and wetter with each stroke. your wife being unfaithful to you while you watch on, knowing you did nothing to stop it.

He starts to speed up and leans in to kiss your wife so you can no longer see their joining, but you reach for her hand and you feel her shake as you know she is cumming,

you now hear him moan and you realize that you never talked about condoms, this stranger is now filling your lovely little bride full of cum.

She has her legs wrapped around his waist pulling him into her pussy as he shoots his load in her pussy,

the kissing stops and she looks into your eyes and you see happiness in her's so say nothing as they lay in each other arms, she has hold of your hand in hers you have just shared your first shared wife experience,

after a minute or so he just gets off of her and leaves the room leaving you two looking at each other, neither knowing what to say. you get closer and touch her body, her breast moving your hand lightly over her soft skin.

You find your hand reaching down over her tummy going down to her pussy, she has her legs still open as you reach her pussy feeling the cum at your finger tips, now your eyes leave hers and you look down at what you are touching,

Your wife's pussy opened up with a bit of white fluid on the edge, two fingers go farther into her pussy and is surrounded by cum. your wife's pussy feels wetter than it has ever been, it feels hot inside as you start to slide two fingers in and out. more cum is coating your fingers and starts to drip out of her pussy.

It is not right that she is filled with someone else's cum. you find your self jumping onto the bed putting your head between her legs as you start to lick at your wife's used cum filled pussy hoping to get out all the cum that should not be inside her, You find your self lapping away and putting your mouth over her pussy sucking and swallowing cum, You lick at her clit to make her enjoy it and you feel her push your head into her pussy ans she shakes and cums for you pushing out more cum for you to sallow.

What has happened and what does this mean for you two? Because it just is not right, but you can't wait for it to happen again.
Hot Wives / Something New about my Wife
September 22, 2011, 02:25:55 PM
It was a Friday night and I got home and cleaned up. I was going to a new XXX booth/ peepshow in town. My wife asked me where I was going and I told her I was going to play poker with the guys.

I jumped in the car and drove off, I pulled into the parking lot and sat in the car for a minute and looked around. I looked in the side mirror and saw my wife pulling up behind me and parking. She got out of the car and approached my car. She opened the passenger side door and asks me what I was doing here?

She got in and sat down. I was speechless, she ask me if this was a place where you jack-off while you watch a movie. Before I could say anything; she said that she wanted to go with me, because she wanted to see what I liked about places like this. She said that I could watch a XXX movie at home and jack off, why did I want to come here.

I told her that it was different to sit in a little booth and just think about how many people had jacked off in the very same place you are sitting, masturbating to a film you never seen before.

Well, we got out of the car and opened the door to the adult peep show. As soon as we walked in, they're where dildos and all kinds of sex toys hanging on the walls for sale. My wife started handling them and asking me questions about all the different kinky toys.

She had a huge dildo in her hands, and she was sliding her hands up and down on the dildo like she was jacking it off. All the men in the store were already looking at her and when she started jacking on the dildo they started crowding around her. I took her by the hand and led her over to the counter to get the change we were going to need for the movie.

We walked down a dark hallway and entered a booth. The booth was pretty small for two people but my cock was rock hard and my wife Pam was rubbing my crotch. I stuck five dollars worth of coins into the slot and the movie curtain opened and two guys where sucking each others cock. I was shocked and have never seen anything like this, my wife stopped rubbing my cock and looked at me and said, "so this is what you come here to see, men sucking men".

I told her there must be a mistake. I opened the door and looked at the sign on the door and sure enough the sign said that we were in the booth for homosexuals. I entered the booth and was fixing to tell my wife we were in the wrong booth when I looked over at the wall and she had her hand wrapped around a very large cock.

The booth had glory holes in it and the guy in the next booth stuck his cock in the hole and she grabbed it. Soon she took my cock in her other hand and was jacking it slowly as she licked down to my ball sack. She licked it and teased it and took my balls in her mouth one at a time and sucked them and licked them.

I was beside myself with heat and flashes of sheer sexual pleasure. Then she raised my balls up and gently licked the bit of skin between them and my •••••••. She looked up at me and said she couldn't believe I had come here to suck and fuck other cocks, she said she didn't know I was craving cocks instead of cunts.

Then she started licking my asshole sticking the end of her tongue into my ass, stabbing it back and forth. (I was going to tell her that we had gotten into the wrong booth but she was licking my ass so good, I just thought fuck it I will tell her later) She continued jerking my prick as her tongue bored into my asshole. I just shook with the sheer pleasure of it.

Then I felt her tongue lick up across my balls, stopping to suck each of them. She put her middle finger in her mouth and wet it well with her saliva. As she took my cock in her mouth and her lips slid down my length, she pushed her finger into my asshole. Before long she had inserted two more fingers in my loose ass.

Now her head was bobbing up and down, with one hand jerking my cock and her fist was plunging into my ass, massaging my prostate and making me see stars. This couldn't last much longer, then it happened. I have never come so hard, before or since. I unloaded a huge load of cum in her mouth. She kept sucking and sucking until I finally softened.

She pulled her hand out of my asshole. Then she looked up at me and opened her mouth. I saw the pool of pearly white cum in her mouth as she ran her tongue around her lips. She put her lips to mine and forced my spent cum into my mouth. At first it grossed me out but then we started snowballing back and forth and I had tasted my cum before when I was by myself.

Pam then suggested that I suck the cock that she was still playing with. That's when I told my wife that we were in the wrong booth that all these cocks were gay cocks. She told me that she had a fantasy of me sucking a cock. And that she wanted me to suck the one she had in her hand. I told her that I wouldn't be sucking a cock unless it was on a she-male.

She took the cock she was playing with and stuck it up to her pussy and pushed it right up to the wall. This cock was longer than mine and his was sticking thru a wall. She started fucking herself on this strangers cock right in front of me. She said she would fuck it till it cum in her pussy or my mouth.

She had never fucked anybody but me since we have been together. I didn't want him dumping his cum in my wife's pussy, but I didn't want to suck his cock and have him cumming in my mouth ether. Time was running out. I looked down and he had already cum, my wife's eyes were rolled back in her head and he kept fucking her, the cum was whipped up into a white lather.

When she regained her composure. She was mad as hell at me for making her fuck this strangers cock, she told me to look down at her pussy, up until tonight my cock was the only cock to ever fuck her. Now it is all matted up with a stranger's cum.

All I would have had to do was suck his cock and none of this would have happened. And it was one of her fantasies to watch me suck a cock. Now she ordered me to suck her pussy clean of all the cum that was pooled up in her gapping cunt.
Hot Wives / Friends First Time
September 22, 2011, 02:14:05 PM
My friend Susan's birthday was fast approaching and I had no idea of what to get her for her birthday. I finally decided that I would take her away for a little weekend getaway. I planned on taking our massage table so I could spoil her with a nice sensual massage.

Now up until this point we had never done anything with another couple or another guys, but we have had several conversations about trying it under the right circumstances. I was quite sure that if she was really excited she would become a very willing participant. As the special weekend approached I contacted a couple (Tony and Gina) from our area that I had been chatting with for a couple weeks. Tony and Gina were swingers and both seemed very willing to help provide my friend with a special weekend that she would never forget.

We all agreed on a plan to get her relaxed and excited enough to go through with it.The weekend arrived it was now time to pack up and head for the hotel room. As we started out the door towards the hotel my heart started pounding, hoping that everything would fall into place and that I might be able to live out one of my secret fantasy's. We arrived at the hotel and checked in and took all of our things up to the room. I wasted no time in setting up the room so that we would be able to execute the plan of the evening.

The plan was that after we had finished dinner we would come back to the room soak in the jacuzzi to relax and after I would offer to give Susan nice sensual massage to hopefully put her in the mood for more to come.

I would blindfold her and put a "Walkman" over her ears (with all her favorite music on it) to put her in the mood and so that she would not be able to hear what was going on. Then at the given time the "new" couple (Tony and Gina) would show up and join into the massage giving her six hands amassing her instead of two! I guess I should take a second and describe my lovely friend Susan. She is about 5'4' with long natural blonde hair, blue eyes and very healthy set of natural 36dd breasts and although she is not the centerfold material that she once was she can still turns heads when she enters a room.

Well I will fast forward ahead to the end of our dinner, we finished up our dinner at the restaurant which was around 7pm, I suggested that to Susan that we go back to our room and soak in the hot tub to relax and digest after dinner.

Around 8pm I suggested we get out of the hot tub and I offered to give her a massage which she gladly accepted. The plan was beginning to fall into place.

We dried off and I had her lay down on the massage table, with the blindfold and headphones in place I hurried across the room to unlock our hotel door to allowed our special guests the opportunity sneak in unheard.

I returned to the table to begin the massage, she was laying face down on the table totally naked and looking very sexy. I poured the hot oil onto her back, legs and butt then began to rub it into her smooth soft skin. Right about the time she finally began to relax and she really started getting into the massage the other couple (Tony and Gina) arrived and slipped into our room. (I had called them during dinner to tell them our room number and confirm what time to show up at our hotel room, about 8:30) They quietly walked in and went over towards the massage table to check and see how much progress I was making.

Seeing that we were both already naked they wasted no time in removing their own clothes no since in being the only ones dressed they figured. The time had come to see how she would respond to what we had in store for her. We each all got a handful of massage oil and headed for a different part of her body all at the same time. This caused quite a "shocked" reaction from her to say the least! She was surprised at first questioning what was going on,but as I reassured her that she was safe and it was all part of my plan for her "special" birthday present. She finally relaxed again and started to enjoy the sensation of six hands caressing her soft smooth skin.

We all started out massaging her very conservatively at first not really knowing just how far this would play out, but as Susan began to relax and enjoy what we were doing to her it became quite obvious to all of us that she was really enjoying the touch of six hands caressing every inch of naked body. After we had massaged her back,legs and sexy ass, It was now time for her to roll over and allow us to continue to massage her other side as well. She shyly rolled over now realizing that two complete strangers were about to be able to see her completely naked! We didn't give her any extra time to think about what was to come next. we grabbed the hot oil and each took a spot on her body and continued with the massage. I was so excited watching as this couple rubbed and caressed my sexy friend's naked body that I thought I would not be able to control my excitement anymore.

I was rubbing her legs and Tony and Gina were alternating between rubbing her arms and stomach. They looked at me for a sign that it was OK to take this massage to the next level. I gave them the cue that it was OK to move ahead and see how far this might progress. They each slid there hands over and began massaging her sexy breasts caressing her now hardening nipples which were causing quite a chain reaction. She was now breathing a little heavier and I could see that her juices had already began to flow. Tony must have noticed this also because he massaged his way down to her now swollen, very wet pussy. He slowly rubbed his hands all over my friend's smooth shaved pussy which caused her to start moaning with pleasure.As he returned up to her breasts he and Gina each took one of my friend's nipples into their mouths and began gently kissing and sucking on them until her nipples looked like pencil erasers. Tony and Gina continued sucking her nipples while at the same time Tony was sliding his hand down to continue where he left off, rubbing her now extremely wet pussy. He looked at me again to get the approval to continue with what he was doing.

I told him that it was OK and he should continue what he was doing to her as she seemed to be really enjoying herself. He then stopped rubbing her pussy just long enough to move to the end of the massage table and position himself between her legs.

Slowly he massaged his way back up towards her pussy only this time as he got closer he lowered his head down between my friend's legs and began kissing and licking her pussy. I almost came right then and there it was all I could to re-focus my attention to the reaction that Tony's tongue was having on my friend's hot dripping wet pussy. He continued alternating kissing,licking and sucking on her clit until it was quite clear to all of us that she was about to cum. She was now screaming loudly the way that she does when she is about to cum and it only took a few more licks of Tony's talented tongue and she was over the edge. She started to cum like never before, shaking wildly as her orgasm ripped though her entire body.

Now I know from experience that after an amazing orgasm like that she is primed and ready to fucked. I looked over at Tony and his seven inch cock that was now hard and ready for action. He looked to me for approval and I nodded that it was OK for him to continue.

Tony got up onto the massage table and positioned himself between my friend's legs and pointed his now throbbing rock hard cock at the entrance to her puffy and extremely wet pussy. As he slowly started to slide his cock into her pussy she began shaking wildly from a combination of fear and excitement. (she had never been with another man before as she was a virgin when we got married) Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would ever see my shy and conservative friend being fucked by another man! It took all of my energy not to cum on the spot as I watched my secret fantasy unfold in front of my non-believing eyes. Tony began to pick up the pace and was now fucking Susan faster and harder with each stroke. He fucked her for what seemed like hours (really only a few minutes) until she started to scream that she was about to cum again this caused Tony to lose it and he began fucking her for all he was worth slamming his cock into her inviting pussy until they were both exploding together in orgasmic pleasure. Tony was now pumping his seed deep into my friend's pussy thrusting over and over until he was totally spent. As he pulled his cock out of my friend's now well used pussy their combined juices ran out of her pussy and on to the massage table.

My friend barely had time to catch her breath before I could hold back no longer I jumped up onto the massage table and pushed my own hard cock into her first time shared pussy, it was the most incredible feeling I have ever felt. I started fucking my friend's pussy faster and harder than i have ever fucked her before knowing that i wasn't going to be able to last. Susan started to scream and she was shaking and trembling from the spasms of orgasmic waves that were over taking her entire body,it was now my turn to fill her pussy my love juices. My orgasm seemed to go on forever as time stood still. I pulled my cock out of her now used for the second time pussy and then collapsed onto my sexy friend.

As we were trying to catch our breath the realization of what we had just done hit us both about the same time, I reached down kissed my friend and told her I loved her even more now than ever. We soon realized that this was the beginning of a whole new lifestyle and the start of many more new adventures to be continued if anyone is interested in hearing what happened next?

As we laid there in the after glow of our first time experience I realized that my friend still had her blindfold and Walkman in place. She had NO idea who had just treated her to the best sex of her young life.

Lucky for her during the massage Gina had picked up our video camera and decided that it might be fun for her to be able to go back and see and hear the action that was taking place in our room that nite. Gina was beginning to feel left out and since she had just filmed our action it was only fair that we should return the favor. Tony and I helped my friend over to the bed (still wearing her blindfold and Walkman) she needed a couple minutes to catch her breath.

We laid Gina down on the bed next to my friend and stared to work and her. Tony was at the head of the bed feeding her his cock into her hungry mouth, while I was between her legs licking her neatly trimmed pussy for all I was worth.

It wasn't long before Gina shuddered and exploded in her own orgasm as she started to scream and shake as her body trembled under the touch of my tongue on her swollen clit. Tony's cock was now at full attention again and ready for more action, so I told him to lay down on the bed and Gina and I guided Susan to her knees and up and over Tony's legs. Tony's cock was again at the entrance of Susan's wet and wanting pussy. As she lowered herself down on Tony's cock she let out a soft little moan letting me know that she was still really excited and that Tony's cock was really feeling good inside her used pussy.

It was her turn to take control with her being on top (her favorite) she could now control how much or how little she would take of Tony's cock with each stroke they made together. Gina grabbed the video camera and began taping the action again. Tony and Susan were now wildly fucking like high school teenagers that could not get enough of each other. Susan was raising her hips and slamming her pussy down on Tony's hard cock that I thought that they might break the bed! I got a great view from behind of another man's cock wildly fucking my sexy friend's hot sweet pussy. This time Tony lasted a little bit longer I am sure that Susan had at least two more orgasms before Tony shot another load deep inside the folds of her womanhood.

Gina started to get excited again and I was already starting to get hard from watching my shy, sexy friend fuck a total stranger, so she grabbed my hard cock put it up to her lips and started sucking my cock she was very good at sucking cock and she had my dick rock hard again in a matter of minutes. Once she had my dick fully hard again I laid her down on the edge of the bed and positioned my thick seven inch cock (same length as Tony's but mine was a little bit thicker I think)between her legs and she guided it slowly into her hot, wet pussy.

She held her breath for a second as my hard cock slowly filled her tight pussy. As I pushed my cock fully into her pussy she relaxed and started moving her ass begging me to "fuck her harder" I fucked her as hard and as fast as a could for several minutes until she started cumming. I felt her pussy tighten up around my cock milking my juices out of my cock. I screamed out also and began pumping my load deep inside her hot pussy.

It was a good thing that Tony had grabbed the video camera and filmed our action as Susan was still wearing the blindfold and Walkman. She was still trying to recover from the sexual night of her life so far. She was still unaware of who these strangers were or what they looked like.

After i finished fucking Gina we were all pretty much spent for the night, they quickly dressed and said that they had to get home to the kids and babysitter. After making plans to get together again the following weekend, so that my friend could actually meet this couple that she had experienced a nite that she would never forget!

We made plans to get together again so we could watch the "red hot" sexy movie that we had just made together. They said their goodbye's and headed out the door it was only then that I went over to my sexy friend and removed her blindfold and took the walkman gently from her ears. She was still trying to recover from the nites events and began questioning me as to who the others were that had provided her with the best sexual nite of her life. I told that we had taped the whole nite, but that she would have to wait till next weekend to watch it as the mystery couple would be coming over to out house to meet her officially and to "watch" our homemade sex tape together......But that is another story!
My Favorite Hot MILF / Mutual Masterbation
July 23, 2011, 10:21:19 PM
My wife was away on business and I was also headed out of town on business the following day. I had asked our next door neighbor to come by and water the plants, feed the animals and get the mail while I was gone. Anyway, the day came for me to travel and my plans got pushed a couple of days.

So I came home, parked my car in the garage and went upstairs to rest. One thing led to another and soon I had a porno on the TV and had pulled out my little rubber flesh light and began to fuck it. I was really getting to it, imagining one of my wife's friends naked and riding me as I used my toy and watched the porno.

All of a sudden my bedroom door sprung open and in walked Kathy. Oh shit, I screamed as I yanked the flesh light off my hard dick and pulled up a bed cover. Oh.... sorry yelled Kathy as she turned and walked out. -when my plans got postponed, I forgot Kathy was coming by to help around the house!
Well, hoping not to be the talk of the neighborhood, I pulled on a pair of shorts and ran downstairs. Kathy was sitting on the couch.

I told her "I am so sorry about that. I forgot you were coming by. I am so sorry!"

She said "Don't be. Its your house. What you were doing in your own house is natural and none of my business."

I was feeling relieved. "So we can act like this never happened and tell no one?"

"Yeah, of course" Kathy then said "OK, you gotta tell me what that thing was."

I told her "Its a fake pussy. Feels real good and my wife bought it for me for when she not around."

"Can I see it?"  she asked.

"Uuuhh ok".

Kathy followed me as I went upstairs. I picked it up and handed to her. " This is kinda cool. - guess it works. You were hard as a rock and going at it when I stepped in" and she handed it back. "Well, Ill leave and you can finish up"

I figured what the hell and so I asked "I'm sure you and Chris have toys too?"

"Well he doesn't, but I have a little rabbit."

"I went to the drawer and pulled out my wife's favorite toy. Like this?"

"No, that one looks real good. I might have to see about getting one of those"

Without thinking, I blurted out "you can try this one"

Immediately I wasn't sure if I had gone too far.

"Well, after seeing your hard dick, I am a little wet. I was just going to go home and get off but what the hell"

I was shocked!

Kathy looked at me and smiled. "We can't tell anyone about this ever!"

With that Kathy  grabbed the toy, turned it on and started running it over her tits and then under her shirt and then down her shorts. "OK, your turn" she said "get back to business. I'll help out a bit."

With that she lifted off her shirt revealing a nice perky, full pair of titties. She then lowered her shorts and panties in one motion revealing her shaved pussy.

A little about Kathy, she is about 38, short blond hair. Not fat but not petite. About 5 ft 3 and maybe 150 lbs, round ass, full legs and I guess 38DD tits.  I have fantasized about her way to often.

Standing naked, she placed my wife's toy on her pussy and looked at me "pull those shorts down and fuck your toy" "think of me as you do."

I lowered my shorts and my cock was so hard. I slipped that toy pussy onto my cock, and started to stroke as Kathy rubbed her pussy with my wife's toy. She even posed a bit as she smiled and watched me.

She opened up her pussy to me, turned around and bent over, revealing her tight little holes, and rubbed her body against me as we continued to masturbate.

"Here" she said "lay on the bed and let me try." With that she knelt next to me and with one hand still vibrating her pussy, she took my toy and started stroking me. I looked into her eyes as she did and watched her swaying titties.  My dick began to spasm and I knew I was close. "I'm close Kathy, so close".   She said, "me too, cum  for me."  "That'll be easy, I'm about to explode."

Within a few seconds, my dick exploded cum inside that toy and my body shook."Oh god Kathy...hell yes. Oh fuck."

That was enough for Kathy as she began to shake and got this wonderful look on her face and then creamed my wife's toy  We lay next to each other for a few minutes then she got up. "This is our secret. No one is to know. Maybe next time I'll let you go further."

Then she got up and left. She still helps out when the wife is out of town.