By the River with Susan

Started by bigrichard, October 20, 2010, 02:36:32 PM

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The sun was high in the mid-afternoon sky and despite all four windows being all the way down, the temperature inside the car was stifling. As the countryside zipped by, my friend Susan  turned to me and said, "I think we need to stop soon, I'm so hot" I nodded in agreement; "You're not the only one. What we need is a nice cool river. It would feel so good to get these feet in some cold water."

Susan picked up the roadmap and began searching for our current location. She was good with maps and soon pinpointed our whereabouts. We were miles from any major roads and it had been at least an hour since we had last seen any other road users. The nearest stream looked as if it wasn't too far away and Susan gave me the necessary directions.

After ten minutes or so we took a left turn left off the road and headed down what amounted to no more than a dirt track. Eventually the track came to an end in an opening next to the river. Susan smiled at me and said, "This is a lovely spot, not a soul around for miles and those trees will give us plenty of cover from the sun".

I pulled the car to a stop in the shade of a tall hedgerow that ran the length of the track and we got out and stretched. Susan swept her blonde hair back and turned her face to the sun. Her thin, pale blue, summer dress clung to her curves. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and let the sun at my body. Susan watched me and sighed, "God I wish I could do that".

I swept my arms around, "Go for it. Who's going to see you out here? Except me of course"

Susan still wasn't quite brave enough. "Okay, but let's go down to the river first, it's even more secluded down there"
I locked the car, after grabbing a rug and the cool bag full of cold drinks, and we headed down to the riverside. Under the shade of the oak trees Susan slipped out of her dress as I spread the rug on the grass and admired my friend's body, her large breasts straining at her white lace bra and her firm bottom encased in tight white panties. I felt a familiar stirring in my shorts.

As I opened the cool bag and poured us both a drink, Susan tested the water with a painted toe. She slowly walked into the river, the water just right to cool her down. This really was an idyllic spot and as I approached, Susan reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, exposing her breasts to the sun. I grinned as I caught her bra that she had thrown at me. I dropped it on the grass and splashed into the water.

Susan let out a shriek as I playfully splashed water over her. She returned fire and we were soon both soaking. I looked over at my friend and said "It's great how white clothes go see through when they get wet". Susan looked down and understood, her panties had become transparent. She gasped, feigning shock but then simply shrugged and said, "Might as well take them off then" With a wicked smile on her face she peeled her wet panties down and stood naked in the river. The feeling of freedom felt spectacular and she was getting quite aroused. "Come on then", she said, "Get yours off as well"  I didn't need telling twice and I yanked his shorts down and whipped them off, tossing them onto the riverbank. Susan grinned as she surveyed my body, her eyes lingering on my, semi-erect manhood.

Without another word we clambered out of the river and collapsed on the rug. As the hot sun beat down on them, partially blocked by the leaves of the trees, we wrapped our naked bodies together and kissed long and hard. Susan pushed me onto my back and knelt before me. Her eyes wandered down my body and her pussy tingled as she rested them on my hard, cock. She gently took hold of me, and as I reached up to fondle her tits, she slowly stroked my length.

"This is unbelievable, who'd have thought getting down and dirty in the open air could be so much fun" said Susan. "And you're so hard" She bent forward and licked the end of my cock, making me groan with pleasure. 

I said "Christ, that feels fantastic", as Susan  took me right into her mouth. She sucked me slowly, running the tip of her tongue up and down my shaft then down to my balls. I lay back and closed my eyes savouring the feelings of pleasure that my friend's expert sucking was giving me.

Suddenly Susan stopped and said "Christ I'm so horny, come on, get that cock in my pussy, fuck me now". As Susan positioned herself on all fours, I took hold of her beautiful ass and slowly guided myself into her very wet pussy. Susan pushed back on me as I slowly began to fuck her. I reached down and massaged her big tits, feeling how hard her nipples had grown. I started to quicken the pace and as I did, Susan reached up and started to rub her clit furiously.

The world around us faded as I fucked my friend harder and faster. Susan was moaning louder and she screamed "Fuckin' hell, I'm coming, oh God I'm coming, fuck me harder". As I did, I felt her pussy tightening around my cock and her orgasm roared through her body. I pumped into her faster and harder, feeling my own climax approaching. With a massive yell I thrust deep into her and my cock exploded, filling her with my hot juices. I hammered into her until we both collapsed in a heap, exhausted.

When we had recovered enough to speak, Susan exclaimed "Wow. That was fantastic" I agreed with a smile as I sat up, slowly running my fingertips over her perspiration covered tits. We were both very hot and I headed into the river. I splashed the water on my body, cooling me down. Susan joined me and we kissed long and hard. It was only then that we realised we were not alone. I had seen movement out of the corner of my eye.

Sitting on the opposite bank, fifteen feet away and hiding in the long grass, we could just make out two young guys trying desperately to stay out of sight.  Susan whispered in my ear, "How long do you think they've been there"?  Reaching down and squeezing her ass, I replied "Oh, long enough I would think"  Susan suppressed a giggle. "It's kind of a turn on, don't you think?"  I nodded and with a grin said, "Maybe its time for act two. Fancy putting on another show?" Susan just smiled and took me by the hand, leading me from the water.

As we sat back down, we could see that the two young guys had moved nearer to us, trying to get a better view. Susan was getting horny again, "Wonder if they've been playing with themselves"? I gave her a playful pinch and she laughed and fell onto her back. "Let's give them a show they'll never forget"  I pushed my friend's legs wide apart, giving the spies a great view of her pussy. "Play with yourself" I said and Susan obliged, pulling gently at her pussy lips. I lay beside her and gently caressed her tits. We kissed passionately as Susan continued to toy with herself, growing increasingly excited at the thought of being watched.

I moved closer and began to whisper in her ear. "You look so fucking good, playing with that gorgeous pussy of yours. Christ you're making my cock so hard. And I'll bet those two young guys watching you are as hard as I am" Susan's eyes closed and her wanking got faster. I continued "Why don't we ask them over here for an even better look at your beautiful naked body. Maybe they'd like to show you what you've done to them"  Susan let out a scream of pleasure as my filthy talk pushed her closer to another orgasm. She looked into my eyes and said "I want that Rob".

I was a little taken aback but could see that she was serious. I thought for a few seconds and then smiled at Susan "If you're serious, I'm happy to get them over here" Susan, still playing with herself nodded that she was serious.

Turning to where the two guys were now standing, I shouted over to them. "Hey you two, why not just get over here and get a better view of the action. You can see we're not shy. My friend wants to see what you're made of"

At first I thought the two guys were going to run for the hills but they seemed to discuss it for a few seconds before splashing into the river and heading towards them. When they arrived beside us Susan and I sat up on the rug.  "Enjoyed the show so far then" I asked them. "Enjoyed watching me fuck my friend" I continued, faking anger.  "Well, yeah, you know" said one of the guys, who looked to be about twenty years old. "We were just hiking along the river when we noticed you two going at it. We couldn't resist watching"
His friend who looked to be a little older nodded in agreement.  "Yeah, yeah" said Rob. "I suppose we only have ourselves to blame. I'm Rob and this is Susan . You've seen us fucking, you may as well know our names"

They couldn't take their eyes off Susan and she was beginning to enjoy the attention again.

Susan then took control of the situation. I was amazed as she stood up and forcefully said "Don't you boys feel a little warm in your clothes, and it looks like you've grown a little uncomfortable too. We're naked, I think it's only fair that you do the same".  Without a word her two young captives obeyed her commands. As they stripped off Susan watch intently and as they slipped down their boxer shorts, their hard cocks sprang free. Susan grinned as she said "That's better, and I have to say I'm quite impressed". The two guys looked a little embarrassed, as Susan continued, "Now don't get any thoughts about fucking me. That isn't going to happen. What is going to happen, if my gorgeous husband agrees, is this. Rob's going to lie in his back and I'm going to slide into his big cock. I want you two to jerk off over my tits".

They looked stunned, as I was, but the fact that their cocks stood out like flagpoles in the afternoon sunshine gave them away.  "No argument with that here" I said.  "None from us either" the two of them said in unison with a smile. I lay on the rug and susan knelt beside me. She sucked on my cock for a few minutes as our two voyeurs looked on. Then she slipped a leg over me and gripped my cock before easing it into her soaking pussy. As she slid onto me she closed her eyes. Suddenly the guys were beside her and as she slowly moved up and down on her husband she opened her eyes and ordered them to start beating off.

The two strangers gripped their cocks and did as they were commanded. As my cock pumped into her and two strangers jerked their hard cocks in front of her Susan could feel herself starting to come. She said, "You can both play with my tits if you want". The two guys did not need a second invitation and Susan moaned with pleasure is I thrust upwards into her and strange hands caressed her large firm tits. I fucked her harder and she cried out with pleasure as her orgasm exploded through her body.

She collapsed on the rug exhausted and the two strangers continued to wank ithier cocks, standing right over her. I knelt beside her and she took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me hard and before long I was coming over her lips and chin. This sent the other tow overt the edge and both groaned as they came hard, their juices splashing down onto my friend's tits and stomach. They kept going until Susan was covered in their sticky mess.

"Wow" she said, "Look at the mess I'm in" She smiled at the two strangers and stood up. She kissed them both gently and gave both of their cocks a squeeze. "Time to go boys" she said with a smile. They two guys thanked us and grabbed their clothes, dressed and headed back to where they had come from. Susan walked into the river and washed their cum, and mine, from her body. It had been the sexiest afternoon of our lives and we spent the rest of the day talking about what had happened and how horny it made us.

Maybe next time Susan will go a little further. We'll see.