A Dare on a Long Drive Home

Started by bigrichard, August 30, 2010, 12:39:19 PM

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It had been a while since the last time Susan and I had a long lunch and for fun, we decided to drive to Cherokee, NC to the casino.   We had talked about going for some time, but just could not make it happen.   We enjoyed lunch and a few drinks,  I only had one beer - I was worried about the trip home.   But she had a few margaritas, which is one of her favorite drinks.   I like it when she drinks tequila and knowing how she loves to tease and I thought I'd 'test the waters' with a dare.

As we approached a truck just ahead of us, I dared Susan to give the trucker a little 'show'. She looked at me and grinned, and I could tell that she was considering accepting the dare. While still intently watching me, she slowly started unbuttoning the front of her dress. She soon had the top of her dress open and I was surprised that she was wearing her black bra which unhooks in the front. In no time at all, she had her bra open and her huge tits exposed. As we passed the truck, she looked up at the trucker with a huge grin on her face and excitedly told me that he seemed to really enjoy 'the view'. I noticed that her nipples were rock hard and told me that she must have enjoyed the dare. She laughed and told me that it was kind of erotic exposing herself to strangers.

She then surprised me when she suddenly removed her panties when she noticed that we were approaching another truck. She lifted the front of her dress which exposed her hairy pussy as I started passing the truck. I purposely slowed down a little as we pulled alongside the truck, and Susan once again looked up at the trucker with a big smile on her face. The trucker honked his air horns several times, so I knew that he had definitely enjoyed the sight Susan was giving him.

After passing the truck, Susan was laughing as she turned to me and asked me if she passed the dare. I couldn't help but laugh as I asked her if she needed an answer to her question. She said that she was having fun either way. I laughed as I brought to her attention that we were approaching several trucks and the truckers were all going to enjoy the show she was providing. Just then she unfastened her seat belt and slowly removed her dress and bra, and sat there completely naked. She gave me a sexy smile that makes me hard whenever I see it and told me that they would definitely enjoy this sight. I checked my rear view mirror and noticed that wasn't any traffic behind us, so I pulled in to the passing lane.

I took my time passing each of the trucks, and this time Susan lifted a nipple to her mouth, slowly circling it and seductively sucking it and rubbing it.   I heard her moan just slightly as we passed the first trucker,  that's when I noticed she was also slowly circling her clit.   There was no doubt that she had caught their attention since each of the truckers gave several blasts of their air horns as we passed.

Susan stayed totally naked for nearly an hour and she was extremely horny from displaying herself and playing to nearly 40 truckers, each of them giving us the familiar blast of the air horns to show their appreciation. 

Finally as we were nearing our exit, so she slipped back into her dress, but didn't bother putting on her bra or panties, damn she was hot.    She wanted to stop a the local tavern, for one more drink, and of course I obliged.  I had no idea what was going to happen next....