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I knew she was a Slut

Started by bigrichard, March 13, 2013, 10:04:52 PM

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We were on vacation, visiting her folks, and one night we decided to go out, and I had read the paper that morning and noticed that a classic porn movie was playing in a neighboring town. I told the wife to get dressed, we were going to the movies. she asked what was playing and I told her it was a surprise.

She dressed in a cute little summer dress and sandals, and off we went. we drove along the coast, and I spotted a nice pull off by the cliffs, parked the car and reached under the seat for my small bag of smoke material. I lit up and passed it to her, and as she was taking a nice toke I told her, "you are about to see the #1 movie that kicked the porn industry in to overdrive. take off your panties." she looked at me like I was crazy, "NO, I'm not taking off my panties!" she said. "if you're going to go see Linda Lovelace and "Deep Throat" you're taking your panties off. Now take them off."

She gave me this look that made me instantly hard as she lifted her tight little ass off the seat and pulled her panties off. "put 'em in the glove box and then turn and face me and let me see that hot little pussy of yours." she turned and faced me, her face flushed from the smoke and the excitement, her pussy looking hot as I reached over and stroked her. she closed her eyes and moaned softly as I told her about Linda's ability to take any cock deep down her throat. just as she was getting sloppy wet I put the car in gear and drove to the theater.

When we walked in to our seats on the screen was the tail end of the first movie, a woman on her hands and knees doggy style, taking a big hard cock. my wife wasn't even watching where she was walking, staring at the screen. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in to the seats close to the isle.

The other movie finished and as we waited for the next movie I took a look around. there were several guys down across from us, sitting in separate rows, and behind us in the middle was another couple, a middle aged guy and woman. back up against the back row was a two other couples in their late 30's or so.

then Deep Throat started and as the movie was playing I started whispering to my wife about was going on in the movie, and at the same time I was caressing her leg, moving to her inner thighs, sliding my hand farther up her leg and under her summer dress.

soon I was caressing her pussy and she instinctively started letting her legs fall open, giving me easier access to her pussy. soon I was flicking her clit up and down as she watched cocks being sucked and pussy getting fucked. I whispered in her ear as I slid my fingers inside of her, "your pussy is so fucking wet,and look, look at those two guys down there, there watching me finger fuck your pussy. she grabbed my hand as she jerked her head over to where they were sitting, and I said, "don't stop, let them watch, they'll start jacking their cocks off for you if you just sit here and let them know you're watching them." and I started finger fucking her faster, deeper, pulling out and rubbing her clit as I talked to her about the men watching her, and they were, watching and jacking their cocks off and she started breathing harder and lifting and slowly grinding her pussy against my hand as she came, grabbing her tits and squeezing them. she came several times before she settled down, and then adjusted her dress and whispered to me, "I'm so fucking wet, let's get out of here and go some where and fuck!"

we got up, left, drove back to the pull out we had been at earlier and in seconds I had my hard cock buried inside that beautiful, sloppy wet pussy and she came the hardest she had ever cum before, and I think I did too !!!!

What a slut!